IP Justice launched

Taipei – IP Justice, a new international civil liberties organization focusing on global intellectual property issues, launched today from the APRICOT 2003 technology conference in Taiwan. The mission of the new advocacy group is to promote balanced intellectual property laws and protect freedom of expression in both traditional and digital media. A grassroots membership based organization with offices in San Francisco, IP Justice advocates for respecting the rights of both creators and consumers of intellectual property.

There’s an interview with Robin Gross, Executive Director of IP Justice, over at O’Reilly Network.

VLC fortunes

<Dnumgis> someone is not releasing a p_vout object correctly
<tooney> it’s not me
<tooney> i was not there this afternoon
* Meuuh looks in his pockets

<bozo> you really shouldn’t have touched a computer when you were a little boy
<stef> _it_ came to me

<vektor> so, i think it’s time for a mass exodus to libdvdcss.
<taaz> ack! hold on a minute
<vektor> what?
<vektor> did you feel a great disturbance in the force?

There’s more where that came from.

Portable Vorbis Player

It means Vorbis support for a portable player. It means Linux interoperability for a portable player that’s supported by the manufacturer, not an after-market hack supported by some guy in Johannesburg with a dialup connection and a copy of emacs. It means that you’ll be able to go out and buy a portable audio device that will play Vorbis and support Linux at your local CompUSA.

How cool is that?

Very cool. Now where’s that Vorbis-playing iPod?

Keynote at Software 2003

Ole-Andreas Rognstad and I held the keynote at Software 2003, Norway’s largest IT-conference, on Tuesday. Rognstad is a law professor at the University of Oslo and talked about the DMCA and EUCD/Infosoc from a legal viewpoint, while I talked more about the practical implications.

Keywords: December 1996 WIPO, 1998 DMCA, 2001 EUCD, Technical measures, Lexmark vs. Static Control Components, Chamberlain Group vs. Skylink Technologies, RIAA vs. Edward Felton’s team, Alan Cox, HP vs. Snosoft, US vs. Elcomsoft, MPAA vs. 2600, CSS license, “Allright”, EUCD in Denmark.

Linux Expo Paris 2003

will take place next week. You’ll find me in the VideoLAN booth:

VideoLAN at Linux Expo Paris (29 Jan 2003) VideoLAN will have a booth at Linux Expo Paris 2003 (4-5-6 February 2003 at the CNIT). The VideoLAN team will welcome you at the booth and invites you to its conference (Conference n. 5, February 5th afternoon).

VideoLAN Client 0.5.0 will be released in time for the expo. Help out by trying the latest test release and reporting bugs you find.