iTunes Music Store

Apple yesterday launched their music service. Encrypted AAC 128 kbps. DRM enforced by iTunes 4. Apple reserves the right to modify the Usage Rules at any time. US only. Compared to other music services which use DRM, it’s the least fair use-hostile.

Here’s a VLC fortune for the occasion:

<JMunakra> nah you have zip with password protection
<jlj> that’s not classified as DRM
<JMunakra> where does DRM start?
<Meuuh> I don’t know, but I know where it ends : at my doorstep

Linux and DRM

Linus has chimed in on DRM:

I want to make it clear that DRM is perfectly ok with Linux!

Not surprising considering what he is quoted as saying when InterVideo announced their fair use-hostile DVD player for GNU/Linux:

This is another exciting day for the Linux community. The OS continues to attract industry-leading software companies like InterVideo. Their digital video and audio products will greatly enhance the Linux multimedia experience.

I haven’t Hurd about anyone getting their GNU/Linux experience enhanced by LinDVD. The product is still only available to OEMs. IBM even bragged about rolling out “legal” DVD playback for GNU/Linux.

I’ll stick to fair use-enabling DVD players such as VLC and Ogle. They’re certainly legal in Europe. Denmark has already implemented the EUCD and the Danish Ministry of Culture has stated that circumvention for playback is legal. They have even commented on my acquittal, stating that they believe I would have been acquitted in Denmark under their implementation of the EUCD.