Young Hacker

My father recently bought a Nikon COOLSCAN V ED and has been scanning old pictures. He mailed me this one of me next to our Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Young Hacker
Picture is Copyright (C) 2004 Per Johan Johansen. All rights reserved.

This VLC fortune seems rather appropriate:

<bozo> you really shouldn’t have touched a computer when you were a little boy
<stef> _it_ came to me

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  1. I have never posted this many comments in anyone’s here is my comment for this post.
    OH MY GOD. i had 2 ZXs too but the one i had were released after the one you have in the picture ( i think)
    Did your ZX have smooth edges all around? I remember loading software and games on that.Had to use a tape recorder very similar to the one you have there. Would take about 6 minutes to load Tennis.:) i used to increase the speed a bit so that the tape would run faster. Although, increasing it too much would interrrupt the loading and i would have to start all over again. I always wanted to check out the Commodore 64. Have you ever played around with that? The ZX Spectrum is one of the reasons I wear glasses now, the wires were never long enough.

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