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  1. Thanks very much.

    Works perfectly.

    Can put them on my iRiver no worries now, cheers.


  2. I have problems using Justetune. It cant find the system file: mscoree.dll and a harddrive search does not find it either. What did I do wrong?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Please don’t take this comment as a flame, a put-down or derogatory in anyway. This is an observation that probably says more about .NET than anything else. I searched my system for all the *.m4p files, exactly 151 of them. I dragged this set of files into Justetune and 3 hrs later it is still only 70% complete. CPU utilization is running 80% and I’ve gotten a message that I’m running low on memory (P4 2.0Ghz, 785,392 KB RAM). Justetune is a great program, just isn’t optimized to work with a large (or moderate) batch of files.

  4. OK, I’m probably really dense here, but what is supposed to happen after the “Normalized. Success.” part?

    I expected there to be a copy of the song.m4p, named song.aac. But there isn’t – I did I search of my harddisks, too.

    The .m4p file itself still says (Protected) and won’t open in Winamp 5.1.

    What am I missing?


  5. It cant find the system file: mscoree.dll and a harddrive search does not find it either.

    I can be wrong, but it seems you don’t have a .NET runtime installed. If you are running Windows, you can get .NET from Microsoft or get the Mono runtime. If you are on GNU/Linux, you need the Mono runtime.

  6. I have the same problem as Mike above. Seems to run fine. But I expected to have a standard AAC output somewhere. The file is still labeled as “Protected AAC” under itunes

  7. Erik Moe:

    I’ll improve the resource usage in the next version.

    Mike and redpoint:

    The file is still labeled “Protected AAC” in iTunes because the file extension is still m4p. To play the file in Winamp you need to change the file extension to m4a. Note that you need Winamp Full. Winamp Lite does not include m4a support.

  8. Jon,

    Thanks so much, works perfectly! Now I just need to batch that with the whole bunch. 🙂


  9. I understand that Audible.com files use the Apple DRM. How could this be used with those files?

  10. hello, i just wondering if there is a danger of putting my login (that’s my apple account and money behind these information) in the software ? Is it sure ? My question seems perhaps ridiculous 😉 but i must ask. I think i’m not alone. (sorry for my english)

  11. I can’t login…
    I just get:
    Logging in… Please wait. Failure: The operation has timed-out.

  12. Any software for removing the DRM on Napster downloads. Have only just started looking into this, so if the answer’s right in front of my eyes, apologies.
    Many thanks

  13. Hi,
    JustTune 1.0 don’t work anymore with ITun
    It’s really annoying make audio cd of my purchased music just to be able to play it with my favourite players!
    I hope you can do another miracle upgrading JustTune 🙂

  14. Hey, I recently installed the newest version of iTunes ( My problem is, that all music I bought since then, can not be “normalized” with JusteTune. I received a message saying “Key missing”, so I Deauthorized JusteTune. Bad idea, cause now I cannot authorize it anymore (message: You need a newer version of iTunes to buy this article). Anyone got an idea?
    PS: I’m using the german version of iTunes.


  15. Thank you for what you have done so far with itunes files. I found out abolut all of this today when the support team for my DJ software explained the protected format will not play on ANY device that allows you to modify the file (change speeds of music to beat match). I cannot play music I bought from itunes music store (already in my computer) with this software because it changes the speed of the music.

    I am pissed off at them!!! I payed HUNDREDS of dollars for this music and cannot use it without loosing ID tags, and having to reenter it all. That is the main reason I bought the music… convenience!!

    At first the copyright stuff was fine with me because I want the artists to be able to make a living and create music but who’s music is it anyway? I did buy it… right? If my computer has to be reloaded completely (which I had to do once) and I don’t have internet access, I cannot play music I already purchased?!!

    I hope this legal stuff goes well because someone needs to step in there for those of us that cant.


  16. This software appears to have been removed from your page. Is this a temporary thing due the breakage from iTunes 6? Or is this related to legal troubles?

  17. Another call from me: I would love to see a version running with iTunes 6.

  18. Could you pleeeease apply DeDRMS techniques to Adobe PDF e-books? Why should I spend $60 on a book that I can only read on one computer? At least if I bought the paperback I could read it at the cottage 🙂

  19. DRM is there for a reason….along with keys and anything else that contols how the format is executed….as long as you have purchased and registered your software…..you will be able to do what you want….within the licensing terms…….PCDJ in the US has DRM available software…..and about the ADOBE thing…..you can download the files to any machine and view that file or book from any computer on the net at that one place you downloaded it……as long as you know networking and how proper sharing and file policies work

  20. I would like to know if there is a way to revert back the drm protection on m4p normalized using JusteTune. I discovered normalized files, while can be used with VLC and similar software, cannot be used inside my Motorola ROKR. So I would like to go back, if possible).
    I am a lot annoyed with Apple and any DRM schema. It’s just a lot of trouble for people who buy music , while other who just copy or donwload it live happy and free from hassle.
    I was buying all my music by ITunes, and I am considering just to stop buying until this change and I will be assudered to be able to use my purchased music everywhere…..
    We should stop buying all together, that is…

  21. Did anyone happen to download JusteTunes before it disappeared? I’m still runing iTunes 4, so I don’t expect to have the issues that people are having with iTunes 6.

    Or does anyone have a more recent version of FairKeys than 0.4?

  22. Just tunes doesn’t run with I tunes 6 –
    In december 2005 you said that you didn’t have too much time to modify the software – what’a happening now – do you have time ? is your software dead ?

    Thanks for your reply

  23. I’m not expereinced with electronic devices and software… I’m just improving my knowledge about this.
    I would like to use justetune, to transform .m4p in .m4a or .mp3,
    or whatever other file format to reproducing it on my mp3 reproducer (not necessary iPod), but I can’t download it.
    It is required a username and a password…
    Where can I get them?
    Thanks a lot

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