fglrx_drv < radeon_drv

Issues with the ATI fglrx driver on my IBM ThinkPad T42p:

  • DVI output does not work (no signal).
  • Unable to play 720p video because XVideo can’t allocate enough video memory: “BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)”. Disabling DRI frees up enough video memory to enable successful playback.
  • After waking up from suspend, 2D performance is very bad (scrolling in gnome-terminal and firefox stutters).

None of these problems occur with the open source xorg radeon driver.

5 thoughts on “fglrx_drv < radeon_drv”

  1. Hrm… exact opposite on the nvidia side, the proprietary works better than the open-source driver (dual-monitors actually work)… which is pretty strange. And unwanted because now I have to taint my kernel for dual-monitor support.

  2. What about 3d acceleration? I was under the impression that the open source raedon plugin did not support that or any other hardware accelerated functions such as AGP or PCIe. I just got a Inspiron 9300 laptop and opted to use the raedon plugin, however, after the fglrx libraries did not compile well with GCC 3.4 (they link agaisnt libc++.5 I believe, which I don’t think GCC 3.4 has).

  3. The main problem with the radeon driver for me is the lack of tv-out support. Also the OpenGL is better on the proprietary driver. However since they tend to break and change stuff like Xvideo and TV-Out each other driver it would be great if someoen could implement tv-out on the radeon one though…

  4. im begining to dislike FGLRX all together, there are so many damn issues and even more problems with amd64. none of these these problems would be such a big deal if ati would just open source this shiat

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