8 thoughts on “History”

  1. Sell that box full of stuff on ebay and sign it. I bet you could get a few hundred (maybe thousand) USD easy.

  2. Satan’s sysadmins? 🙂 Kinda sadistic….I read about you on CNN – amazing what you are capable of. Keep up the great work, and keep learning…you are an inspiration to us all! Politics, gotta love’it.

  3. Hey – I’ve got the same book in nynorsk 🙂 It’s actually pretty good if one wants to know whats happening under the hood 😀

    Best regards
    Simon, Denmark

  4. I worked in the graphics department for SYBEX in Berkeley California in 1982 for a few years. Did you like the VisiCalc for Scientists & Engineers? I illustarted it & pasted it up, using quaint old technology like rapidographs full of black ink and melted wax. We actually drew each of the flowcharts by hand.

  5. Necroposting, sorry..-)

    How much is a machine like that worth now?


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