VLC cone

VLC coneIf you use VLC, you might have wondered what the hell is the cone for?

One day, people from the VIA association (VIA is a students’ network association with many clubs … amongst those is VideoLAN.) came back drunk with a cone. They then began a cone collection (which is now quite impressive I must say). Some time later, the VideoLAN project began and they decided to use the cone as their logo.

10 thoughts on “VLC cone”

  1. Yeah, when you’re drunk you often end up starting collecting really odd objects! Take my “speed limit” roadsign as another examle of this phenomenon 🙂

  2. i know a girl in the northern USA who stole road cones with her friends.
    i know its kinda weird, but down south, stealing street signs is big.

    my ex-roommate stole a “welcome to this county” sign because the county name had his last name on it, then he stole a no parking sign. he decided to put the no parking sign up on top of the air conditioner handler inside the garage and there was a couch underneath it. i had a few people in the garage playing pool and all the sudden i heard a WOOB WOOB WOOB noise, like when you shake metal, then all the sudden THUD something landed on my head. i look down on the ground and its that no parking sign. the guy who knocked it over was looking at me and asking me if i’m alright.

    everyone starts laughing. hahaha a sign fell on your head. i’m just sitting there talking to the girl next to me. all the sudden shes like OH MY GOD YOU’RE BLEEDING. i’m like no way girl, then all the sudden i lean forward, then all the blood rushes forward down my face. i live 2 blocks away from the hospital so i got loaded up in someone’s car with a dish towel on my head. long story short, i received 8 staples in my head to close up my wound, and also a $900 emergency room bill because i don’t have medical insurance.

    basically what i’m trying to say — STOP STEALING SIGNS/CONES.

  3. eight, I think the moral of the story is, make sure you have med insurance if you’re going to play the sympathy card to get some ass. So, did it work?

  4. Doesn’t that cone look very much like the Kraftwerk logo on their earlier albums?

  5. What can I say >eight….. LoL m8, get yourself an insurance before you’re attacked by an even bigger roadsign that will ruin you completely ^^

  6. Also the cone reminds me of Pet Shop Boys, from their “Very” album era.

  7. I guess you people don’t wanna know how many Swedish “Herrtoalett”-signs (Mens room in Swedish) I have collected… 😉

  8. It’s an habit to get drunk at Ecole Centrale, anyway. Where I am at school, it’s a pretty common saying 🙂

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