JustePort 0.2

I’ve released a new version of JustePort. The only new feature is RAW audio support and was contributed by a user. This means you can pipe output from tools like oggdec and faad to JustePort.

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  1. Just a consideration as I was attempting to incorporate/use your utility I would recieve the error message “Connect failed: Request failed, error 401”. I’m assuming this is because the password protect feature for the airport express is turned on but the justeport doesn’t support that option. Any chance that could easily be incorporated? I sniffed around the C# files myself but I’m not farmiliar with either C# nor the protocol used so I was lost.

  2. Ok, I took off the password and the program connects fine. Sweet, I now have my soundcard redirected to my airport express, rock!

  3. Excellent tool, I tested:

    c:>oggdec -Q -R -o – “Music_file.ogg” >test.raw

    c:>type test.raw| JustePort –
    JackStatus: connected
    JackType: analog


    and yes, I have sound at the remote speakers!

  4. Apologies if it sounds like a dumb Q, but how can I redirect output of my soundcard (irrespective of what app is sending sound to it) using Justeport?

  5. I’ve googled till my hands hurt and wonder if anyone knows the answer to the question above. I too want to output my soundcard to the airport express.

  6. I have seen that the mpg123 programm can convert the MP3 files into raw PCM audio data. Does this mean that you can also stream a mp3 file via JustePort ?

  7. NAT32 Build 1033 can capture Windows audio and send it down a TCP connection as raw PCM data. So all you need to do is make JustePort listen at a TCP port and then send the incoming data to the Airport Express.
    Details are here: http;//www.nat32.com/nat32e/htm/radio.htm

    Note that the freeware version of NAT32 Build 1033 can be used for this purpose.

  8. I too am trying to pipe my audio down a TCP connection to the Airport Express. I checked out the NAT32 site, but all I can download is audioa. I grabbed the latest JustePort and ran

    audioa 100 | justeport –

    I receive the following messages:
    JackStatus: connected
    JackType: analog

    …but no audio. The readme for audioa indicates they did have success in a wireless config, as mine is. Any thoughts or help appreciated.

    Bye for now!

  9. Audioa distorts my audio. What does work for me is using lame. lame.exe –decode -t *.mp3 – | justeport –

    Hope someone will come up with a winamp plugin though.

  10. I’d have to report audioa worked great. If you are getting no audio, it is probably the volume is too low. try audioa 100 | justeport – 0 and see if that works. Audioa distorts your audio if your recording volume is too high. Set it in the volume control mixer to very low and it will elimenate distortions.

  11. A big problem with iTunes; it doesn’t play your mp3-files in a folder in correct order…
    This commandline will do it: “type *mp3 | lame –mp3input -t –decode – – | justeport –”
    Use it to play your albums etc…

  12. Great suggestion Jens, I took it a step further and made a registry entry that includes your command. When I rightclick a folder i have the option “justeport” and the contents of the folder are played. This is the entry:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    @=”F:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /k type *.mp3 | lame.exe –mp3input –decode – – | justeport –″

  13. I tried to run the software but I get the following error:

    Connect failed: CryproAPI cryptographic service provider (CSP) for this implementation could not be acquired.

    Please help.


  14. I just wanted to let everybody who encounters my same problem to know that I was able to resolve it by installing version 1.1 of .NET.

    However, when I try to use Justeport now I get the following error:

    “Connection failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it”.

    I use an Airport Express with firmware v. 4.2 and no password set for the music.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  15. I’d just like to let everyone know that I was able to stream EVERY sound coming in to my soundcard over to my Airport express using an Audio server wich you can download from this webstie:
    http://www.nat32.com/download/audio.zip. The Airport is configured with the password set to “public” and no password in the speakers. Once you extract the audio server in the SAME folder as you have your Justeport, the following commands worked for me (Using Mono 1.1.8 Command from the folder where both are located):

    ain (*duration in secs i.e 3600) | Justeport - 0 (* Properties ==> Recording is checked and set to the lowest possible, otherwise you will get distortion in the sound. Enjoy.

  16. I was also able to stream all my sound coming into my soundcard to the Airport, but there is a significant amount of delay on the feed. Is there any thing to do about that. I’ll to stream the sound from movies to the airport. that would be sweet! So if anybody knows how to get rid of the delay post a reply here. thx

  17. I’ve tried to use Justeport with the Airport express as a part of a “wds”. It turned out like it says on this site that it has to run over the ethernetport.
    For those who connects but has no sound: remember to turn your soundcard recording over to wave-out.

  18. OK, reconfigered my WDS network, so that the main basestation no longer accepts wireless clients which apperantly fixed the problem. so I can now stream all my sound to the Express, wich is nice when listening to eg. netradio. I’m still having a longer delay than iTunes gives. Anyone with the same problem?

  19. Hi John,
    I needed a different line for the registry mod, it works great! Thanks for the idea. My line reads:

    @=”C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /k type “%L\”*.mp3|lame.exe –mp3input –decode -t – -|justeport.exe –”

  20. Justeport works across internet.
    If it is behind a NAT just forward TCP ports 5000 & 6000 to the Express and send audio to the real IP.

    I tested my self. It also works using dyndns service instead of IP

  21. This works great (and you don’t need to set your AP password to ‘public’, thank god) – but the 3-second delay on output limits its usefulness. Ideally I’d like to use it to stream live output, like DVDs or games or whatever, but the lag makes it pretty disorienting. Are there any ideas on real-time streaming?

  22. I don’t think “live output” is possible as long as the sound should travel encrypted to the Airport Express. Encryption takes some time and as little it can get there always be a delay. At the “airfoil” page it is suggested to adjust the DVD (video) player to handle and minimize that delay

  23. What firmware version are people who’ve made this work using? I have 6.2, and on Windows at least i’m getting an IO exception thrown, which results in the following error:

    Error: Unable to write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

    FYI stack trace is:

    at System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size)
    at RAOPClient.SendSample(Byte[] Sample, Int32 Pos, Int32 Count) in C:Documents and SettingswoodalanDesktopJustePort-0.2RAOPClient.cs:line 262
    at JustePort.Main(String[] Args) in C:Documents and SettingswoodalanDesktopJustePort-0.2JustePort.cs:line 230

  24. Hi everybody.
    I got an airport express this christmas and i dont know if i should keep it. See i only want to keep it if i can listen to all sounds coming from my soundcard. I’ve spent some time now looking for a solution and found one! Unfortunately it’s only for mac users “airfoil”. That meant i had to keep looking and i found this place. It looks very promising but since i’m not a computer-wizz a lot of the talk here is kinda jibberish. So here’s my plea to all of you. Can anyone give me a step by step justeport for dummies guide or something? That would be a big help for me deciding whether or not to keep this nice gadget. Secondly does anybody know anything about squeezebox? Is it the same concept as the airport express. Does it have it’s own player “like iTunes” or could buying that thing be the solution to my problem? I’d like to thank anyone who takes the time to read my request and maybe help me out!

  25. Hi Esbo,

    I also just found this website and got it working in about 10 minutes. Here is what I did:

    1. Downloaded Justeport from http://nanocrew.net/sw/justeport/JustePort.exe
    2. Downloaded the Audio.zip from http://www.nat32.com/download/audio.zip
    3. Put the justeport.exe and contents of the audio.zip in the same folder
    4. Open the command prompt (Start > Run: cmd)
    5. Browse to the folder where you put the files described in step 3
    6. Type ain 3600 | justeport – (where 3600 is the amount of seconds you want to stream to your airport express and the IP address of your Airport Express (I tried that IP address as I believe it is default and it worked)
    7. Make sure you have the recording set to the right item in your Windows XP recording control (http://www.ejoysoft.com/images/ac97.gif). I had it set to Microphone and my wife told me that she could hear me curse about the lame audio quality of the streaming music as I was streaming the music coming from my speakers through my microphone to my airport express 😉

    Hope these steps work for you too!

  26. Hey Arne
    Thanks alot man it’s working.
    Seriously can’t thank you enough!
    You are a real pal

  27. Regarding the earlier poster’s question about possible firmware problems with version 6.2, I am using 6.2 (which came on the Airport Express I got for Christmas) and am able to play an apple lossless file without an exception being thrown. So it is probably not the firmware version. I’m running Justeport on my Mac.

  28. Hi folks,

    just to repeat Espo: Arne, your’re a real pal!! I’m watching this discussion quite a while but you’re the one who made me understand how it’s working. Just one small additio concerning the command-line: If you ad a “[Space][0]” right behind the ip you don’t have the lack in level as the default value set to [30].


  29. Has anyone gotten Justeport working under windows 2000? I get the following error.
    Connect failed: Direct Encryption and decryption using RSA OAEP padding are not
    available on this platform.

    I’ve got the .NET pack installed as well as SP4 (Which includes the high encryption pack from SP2)

  30. I’m grateful to Arne as well, his protocol works like a charm. Using media player classic I desynced the audio and happily watched a DVD. I needed to set the audio to about negative 3500 msec on my computer to get a reasonable alignment of audio with the video.
    Thanks Jon!

  31. Wow, this is exactly what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

    The problem I’m having is that every time I try to play something with Justeport, I get:

    JackStatus: connected
    JackType: analog

    Error: Box ☻ has invalid size 1332176723 (or some similar number).

    Any ideas?

  32. Every time I try to use JustePort I get:

    JackStatus: connected
    JackType: analog

    Error: Box ? has invalid size 1332176723 [or some similar number]

    Any ideas? Thanks, I’d love to get this working!

  33. YAY, fixed! I was trying to play an mp3 previously; I now realise that this can’t be done.

    Thanks *so* much to Arne and everyone else, I’ve been wanting to hear my PC’s sound on my AEx speakers for a long time and I’m very happy indeed.

  34. JustEPort exception.

    I found a very strange exception:
    When streaming to the AirPort station WIRELESS JustEPort works for about 17 seconds correct. After this time an exception is thrown. nsdata.Write in the function SendSample in RAOPClient.cs fails with an >

    When my computer is connected to the AirPort with a network-CABLE (not Wireless) JustEPort works correkt.

    The exception is only thrown if the music is sent WIRELESS not over CABLE.

    At the moment I am working on a Winamp Plugin. I will publish the project in a few days to http://www.sourceforge.net (http://sourceforge.net/projects/winamp-airport)

  35. Markus,

    Thanks a million for the winamp plugin! This will make the airport so much more usefull for me.

  36. This site came up on Google and I’d like to thank everyone! I now have the Airport Express streaming music from my XP laptop via my wireless LAN from any program I want, not just iTunes. There is the 3 second delay, but I’m not watching videos, so no biggie.

    Now that iTunes supports MULTIPLE Airport Express units (I have two and it works great in iTunes), do you think there’s a way using Justeport to stream sound to TWO Airport Express’s at once??


  37. I had the same error and just fixed it:

    > When streaming to the AirPort station WIRELESS JustEPort works for about 17 seconds correct. After this time an exception is thrown. nsdata.Write in the function SendSample in RAOPClient.cs fails

    With my Airport set to JOIN an existing network I got the error.

    When I changed it to be a HOME ROUTER instead, it worked.

    Why, I don’t know.

  38. Hi,

    Will Justeport allow me to play my Ogg, MP3 and FLAC encoded files on my PC and hear the audio wirelessly via an Airport Express?


  39. This works great. However, on a laptop, is there a way that I can have it not play through the internal speakers, but still play through JustePort?

    I guess I could always stick a 1/8″ plug into the headphone jack.

  40. I wasn’t too pleased with having to launch a separate program, enduing a gap between playback of each track, having to install the .NET framework, etc. So I rolled my own Winamp (or MediaMonkey) plug-in.


    The following features are currently available:

    * Accepts any 16-bit mono or stereo input; resamples as necessary to support any sample rate
    * Supports a full set of playback operations (play, pause, stop, seek, prev/next track, adjust volume, etc.)
    * Plays multiple tracks with no gap between tracks (except any gap inserted by input plug-in)
    * Supports password-protected remote speakers
    * Installs by copying a single file
    * Does not depend on third-party installs (.NET Framework, iTunes, QuickTime, etc.)

  41. MP3 playback with Lame didn’t work for me, while mpg123 worked just fine:

    mpg123 -s somesong.mp3 | Justeport.exe - 0

  42. Streaming from xmms to airport (Alsa required)

    1) create a named pipe:
    mkfifo /tmp/test.wav

    2) Add this to your ~/.asoundrc:

    pcm.stdout {
    type file
    slave.pcm default
    file /tmp/test.wav

    3) Create airtunes-stream.sh, and run it:


    if [ ! -p /tmp/test.wav ]
    mkfifo /tmp/test.wav

    while true
    cat /tmp/test.wav | ~/bin/JustePort.exe - 0
    sleep 1

    4) Install XMMS with crossfade:

    aptitude install xmms xmms-crossfade

    5) Configure XMMS with Audio I/O Output Crossfade. Let Crossfade use ALSA with audio device stdout (from pt. 2).

    6) Play music

    You can also stream with other alsa-supporting applications, e.g.

    mplayer -ao alsa:device=stdout file.mp3

    NB! This method is prone to hickups in the audio stream, due to missing buffering between the fifo and justeport

  43. I am using WinXP without success. Have I go this right?

    My Airport IP is

    1 – Play an audio CD through speakers
    2 – At the command prompt enter: ain 3600 | Justeport –
    ( Note there is a space before and after the dash char after Justeport_

    Here’s what I get but no sound out of my Airport Express:

    D:downloadaudioNat32>ain 3600 | Justeport –
    JackStatus: connected
    JackType: analog

    My eventual goal is to pipe Pandora to my Airport Express. Any advice is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  44. Hey, great help site everyone! thanks to Arne for the justeport for dummies. As I understand it, this doesn’t work for mp3s. Does it work for internet streaming music like http://www.pandora.com? So far, I am able to get this source to output sound. thanks!

  45. Hey!
    I finaly managed to download JustePort soucecode (the link was down for several days) ! Thank you so much Jon!
    I struggled a couple hours to get to play all the files in a folder, mainly because almost all of the methods described in the posts above are for windows users and I’m a (happy) Ubuntu Dapper user.
    So I decided to make my little contribution to this thread and tell you my command to play all of the mp3 files in a folder if you’re a linux user (there are no guarantees that this will work for every distribution out there, but you can always get help in your favourite forum 😉 ). Let’s cut to the chase, to get to play all of the files in a given folder, open a terminal, navigate to that folder and type:
    cat *.mp3 | lame --mp3input --decode - | JustePort.exe
    Note: I’m assuming you compiled JustePort.exe from the source code, and put it in /usr/bin/
    Bonus: you can make an alias like this:
    alias playall="cat *.mp3 | lame --mp3input --decode - | JustePort.exe"
    and then type playall in the terminal instead of the whole command.

  46. This tool would be fantastic if we could set a delay on the audio. When playing through multiple speakers, we obviously get a delay on the playback from the AE, however if we set the delay in VLC then the playback from the PC is out of sync.

    If we could set the delay on justeport, then the AE could be delayed but the PC speakers could not be – that would be ideal!

  47. Has anyone considered doing the other end of the connection? In other words, I have an always-on PC connected to my living room speakers already. I’d like to have that pretend to be an AirPort base station so I can play tunes from other PCs through it.

    I know I could use (for example) http://www.nat32.com‘s utilities to stream the sound without having anything to do with AirPort, but I like the AirTunes user interface. It connects directly into iTunes, the speakers advertise themselves on the network, and so on.

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