Róisín Murphy

I listened to the stream of LowLands 2005 over the weekend and discovered several new artists. One of them being Róisín Murphy. Her new album “Ruby Blue” is available in the iTunes Music Store.

Ruby Blue at the iTunes Music Store

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  1. I’ve got a question – which one is more advanced – pymusique or sharpmusique? I use Linux and I want to be able to buy on iTunes…

  2. You should also check out Matthew Herbert, the producer of this record. Bautafil electronic jazz.

  3. If you haven’t delved back into the Moloko catalogue, you are in for a real treat. I was so impressed, especially with “Statues”, their apparent finale (for now), that I posted my admiration in the Molokoids forum on their site. Not only did Roisin blossom publicly into one of the premiere vocal and lyrical talents of modern pop, the group itself made an incredible evolution in the course of four albums and never lost an ounce of the wit, spontaneity, and love of decadent pop they are so rightly enamored for. Ro did three side projects before her solo. they were “never enough” with Boris D. (mixer who made “sing it back” a world club anthem) “the truth” with Handsome Boy Modelling School (trip hop outsiders from New York), a cover/remake with Pulp called “sorted for E’s and Whiz”, “wonderland” with the psychedelic waltons, and best of all “Feel Up” with Spook (is that right? oh well it’s four and not three anyway so there you are…). Enjoy!!

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