The Island

Ben Waggoner has made a HD trailer of The Island available.

Specs: 18 Mbps CBR MPEG-2 video, 448 Kbps 5.1 AC-3 audio

BitTorrent download: The+Island+ATSC.ts.torrent

Update: Followup by Ben Waggoner:

Iโ€™ve made a followup test – same source, but at 8 Mbps VBR in four different codecs:


The goal here is to test content at a data rate where you could do a 1080p 2-hour feature on DVD-9 media. The trailer is very high motion, so itโ€™s not exactly a fair test, but the results should be interesting.

12 thoughts on “The Island

  1. Sobient

    Uhm, good stuff , but what’s this got to do with anything? ๐Ÿ™‚ Good quality though.

    Keep on rocking in the free world..

  2. Marius

    Does it have to have anything to do with anything?
    Also, has anyone else noticed how MS added those “huge” advertisements for MSN into the movie just becaue they helped develop the futuristic world (Those “phone booth” MSN-Search boxes along the streets…haha) ? It made me laugh, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Hanno

    This video has some pink box over the right part with all players I tried (mplayer, vlc, totem).
    Is this a bug in the players or in the video?

  4. Ben Waggoner

    Apple’s H.264 got better with 7.0.2, which I used.

    One reason I used that is because it does a better job than the rest of constraining complexity on decode.

    However, the main reason is I only tested formats that supported multichannel audio and which had readily available players. I’ll be picking up more codecs in the next rev.

  5. Crog

    You are wrong. Sorry to tell you that.
    QT7 is a higher complexity decoder than Nero. Nero also supports multichannel. QT7.0.2 is very inferior comparing to good codecs like x264 rev315 and Nero AVC Maximum Definition. This month Nero is shuting a new version H.264 High Profile with better quality and faster decoder for HD.

  6. Crog

    Nero H.264 Decoder is the fastest decoder. Check it in Nero or just wait for Nero 7.

  7. Ben Waggoner

    I mean that the QuickTime encoder makes a file that is simpler to decode than the more advanced modes of other encoders. This is only a claim about the encoder, nothing to do with the decoder or its speed.

    I have received the new Nero and Main Concept versions, and am planning some followup demos using them.

  8. Crog

    Yes, I understand you. If you want a low complexity just don’t use a multi bframes, many ref frames, cabac etc. Even with these conditions QT7 H.264 isn’t so easy to decode as Nero and has not enough good quality.
    Mainconcept, Nero are good codecs. What about new version of x264 codec. It’s also excelent.

  9. Newbie in Torrent

    Which program would you all advice me to use when playing the torrent?

  10. Alyse

    The Island is the best movie ever (besides Love Actually, that is). Ran across your blog while tagging things on for my business info tech class… your stuff is a little more interesting than reading 500 articles on windows vista. i hate microsoft anyway.

    i know i’m talking about nothing but that’s because i’m putting off studying for my econ midterm tomorrow.

    i suck at life.


    p.s. your pics of france are pretty. i studied abroad last semester in Spain for 6 months- you need to go there it’s gorgeous. i visited paris but only for 3 days, which is not nearly enough.

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