15 thoughts on “First DVDs”

  1. The older it gets the cheaper it is. I think it’s normal. But anyway if u buy films in VCD’s it’s even cheaper.
    Geez , i don’t think u can order DVD from China to another country. Anyway u have to know Chineese to search in websites…

  2. I did not pay a cent for my first 10 DVDs. When DVD was not popular yet, I purchased a Sony DVD player that included 10 DVDs. The DVD player, though, cost me $348.

  3. That’s right mirek, VCDs are much more cheaper than DVDs. But there quality …
    Sending DVDs to other countries is nearly impossible because officially the People’s Republic is member of the WTO and should avoid such commercial copies. However, the biggest DVD store nearby is the neighbor of the local police station…

  4. i bought long kiss goodnight dvd for 23$.
    living outside civilised world is not pretty 🙂

  5. I live in Canada and from time to time I order DVDs from Hong Kong. I use DDDhouse.com and it is in english.

  6. hefty price for that 5th Element DVD, in Germany you would have had to pay import tax on top of that too. I remember the days when my DVD shopping from overseas was painfully expensive. You will be able to get them cheap while you are in the States. Good luck with your new project!

  7. Those were two of my very first upgrades from VHS to DVD 🙂

    Now, your next task in spreading movie goodness: Make your older sister enjoy Wag the Dog 😉

  8. So when you say “archive” do you mean like a digital archive, or do you mean the filebox we all have stuffed full of papers and when its full we incinerate them or throw them away sometimes even throwing the entire filebox into the trash and just go to Target and buy another one? Curious minds want to know 🙂

  9. wow here in brazil 2 or 3 years ago, the dvds costs 70 or 80 R$ ( above 35 USD), now the most expensives dvds is above 35 or 40 R$ ( above 25 USD) . Only Best Sallers like Star wars 3 or Lord of The Rings , and other “Classic Movies” has the price more expensive. An ilegal dvd movie here costs above 3 USD.

    Wow man!!

    See ya!

  10. Hello friends!
    What are your favorite burning program for burning original dvds my favority is clone dvd

  11. We also bought that DVD, around a year after DVDs became commonplace. I didn’t cost nearly as much as it did when you bought it, it was $17.

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