Apple’s copyright agent

Apple recently sent a frivolous copyright complaint to Something Awful by email. Apple has a history of using their copyright agent to send out frivolous complaints (e.g. when they tried to get FairPlay support removed from VLC). If a company has a complaint that is even remotely legitimate, they’ll have an actual lawyer send you a cease and desist letter by postal mail.

3 thoughts on “Apple’s copyright agent”

  1. What about when you don’t list a postal mail address? I’ve seen one where they mentioned in the e-mail that they sent a postal mail but it was returned due to nonexistant address. Lowtax uses netsol and has a private address where NetSol handles his personal mail. NetSol may be expensive, but keeping your privacy sounds like a good reason to pay more. Does Domains by Proxy also offer a mail forwarding service?

  2. Wow. Is there anything you would recomend we could do to protest apple doing crap like this?

    Eric Wilson

  3. Companies like Apple doesn’t care about customer, they’re only focused in profits and margins.
    I admire your contribution to prevent music monopoly in i-pods.

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