10 thoughts on “Windows Live Messenger”

  1. I am seriously not surprised… and it wouldnt be surpirising to see Windows listed there as well… lola

  2. i must say i laughed a bit when i saw that..

    but it is good to see that microsoft finaly has come to their senses..

  3. Yep, my WLM did exactly the same thing when I updated mine. Like Imanpreet said, thankfully there’s an ignore button :3nod:

  4. Same program’s told me to close Winamp and Openoffice before installing. It’s told a friend to close Adobe Reader. I can’t imagine why, on either account.

  5. I saw a very similar error while upgrading from MS AntiSpyware to their latest WindowsDefender.

  6. Hehe, funny how M$ is able to make even the simplest thing go wrong. Just like with Anti-Spy Beta 2 it worked great, no issues. Now that it’s Windows Defender I got Invalid Pointer errors when trying to scan and errors updating definitions. On all of my computers, not just one of them. Had to reinstall the program to get rid of it (the second R of M$ tech support).

    Nice going, guys!

  7. All I have to say is that Bill Gates is too busy spending Warren Buffet’s money to give a rats ass about what made him rich. Ever wonder just how much of that money will ever go where they claim it is intended? Maybe they can spend on the new Orion reuseable space craft and go to Mars where they both belong.

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