More gadgets for sale

I am moving to a new apartment so I’m cleaning out old stuff. The following is for sale to anyone in San Francisco:

I am also selling a 7 day old 1.83GHz MacBook. Used for testing. Original box. $1120.

Update: The MacBook and the webcam have been sold.

2 thoughts on “More gadgets for sale”

  1. What about AirFoil by Rogue Amoeba? It’s been out for awhile… at least since March 2005. Not sure on the timings of things, but I remain curious about the claim of “first non-Apple software to support AirTunes.” I’m not saying that they were necessarily first, but only that I know that they have been out for awhile and that it’s something to look into for the truth of that statement. I just don’t know.


  2. JustePort was released in August 2004, over 6 months before AirFoil was released.

    Rogue Amoeba originally claimed on their homepage that AirFoil was the first non-Apple software to support AirTunes. They have since removed that claim. Perhaps someone reminded them that lying is bad karma.

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