Apple TV first impression

I dropped by the Apple Store the other day to check out the Apple TV. I was disappointed with how the Apple TVs were demoed in the store. They were sharing the same Internet connection as all the Macs and due to the bandwidth being completely saturated by people browsing the web, it took several minutes before trailers would load on the Apple TVs. The Apple TVs should have been on a separate connection or the trailers should have been cached locally.

Another issue was the disappointing video quality. While the menus and artwork were crisp and clear, the video quality of the movies and trailers was horrible. The Apple TVs should have been configured to stream the 720p trailers instead of the lower resolution ones.

I felt that the remote for the Apple TV was too small and was not happy with the way video seeking was implemented. I think most people would prefer using a scroll wheel for video seeking.

Out of the box the Apple TV is very limited, but there’s a lot of info over at AwkwardTV on how to make it useful.

New notebook?

I’m in the market for a new notebook. I’ve only ever owned ThinkPads (except for a brief fling with a PowerBook a couple of years ago).

My current ThinkPad T42p has served proudly in the DRM wars and is entering retirement. It still does its job, but I want a notebook that’s not as heavy.

I’ve been considering getting the ThinkPad X60t as it’s smaller and lighter than the T60. Unfortunately, it’s currently available from Lenovo with only a L2400 CPU and I haven’t been able to find much info on how well it runs Linux. Also, there are reports of screen ripple issues. I was worried that quality would go down when Lenovo bought IBM’s PC division… and on a related note, the new ThinkVantage and volume buttons are hideous!

Should I switch to a MacBook Pro?

Tumi Sucks

On a recent trip to San Francisco I bought a Tumi Vista Super Light 20″ Wheeled Carry-On. On the way back to Oslo, having completed the SF-London leg, this happened:

Tumi Sucks Exhibit A Picture 1 Tumi Sucks Exhibit A Picture 2

It weighed 10 kgs (they weigh all carry-ons at Stansted) and I mostly used the wheels.

I had heard good things about Tumi and their reputation for quality. I was hoping that this carry-on would be robust enough to last me a while, but I guess I have to start looking again. What would you recommend?

Anyway, I should have known better than to buy a product called Vista 🙂

Update: A Tumi representative got in touch and will be sending me a new carry-on. It’s a different model, so I’ll be posting a review soon 🙂 Thanks Tumi!