Nikon lenses for sale

I am selling two Nikon lenses. Both lenses are brand new and have only been used on one trip. I’m selling them because I decided to switch to the Sony A700. I went through three Nikon D80s with severe hot pixel issues (at ISO100). Got fed up and instead of waiting for the D300 went with the Sony A700.

  • Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D-AF lens w/Hoya 52mm HMC UV filter: $125
  • Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 G-AFS ED-IF DX lens w/Hoya 67mm HMC UV filter: $320

If you buy both lenses, I’ll throw in a free SanDisk 2GB Extreme III SD Memory Card.

Update: the lenses have been sold.

4 thoughts on “Nikon lenses for sale”

  1. “Pickup in San Francisco” ?
    If so, you should edit your “About” page… I was under the impression you had moved back to Norway, for good. =)

  2. Buying Nikon was a mistake. You should have gotten a Canon. The Sony doesn’t look too bad though…

  3. Canon? Hah! Have you seen the weatherproofing on the new Canon 40D? What a joke!

    You should look into the Pentax K10D. I’m very happy with mine.

  4. The 50mm Nikon lens takes great pictures, especially indoors where the lighting is usually sub optimal. I’ve had good luck with it.

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