Ideas on the next doubleTwist UI

Here is one of the concepts we came up with for the share section of doubleTwist. What do you think? We’d like to make it as easy as possible to share the content you’ve created, whether it’s stored on your computer or a connected device, with your friends. When you connect a device such as a Nokia N95, it shows up under My Devices and you are able to share media directly from your device just like in the current UI. The area in the bottom right corner is a mini player that lets you preview videos before you share.

dT UI concept

5 thoughts on “Ideas on the next doubleTwist UI”

  1. It’s lovely 🙂
    Why not have all entries in the left menu expanded as default? There seams to be plenty of room.

  2. Awesome program, but ild like to make one suggestion: I’d like to see some kind of status read out for the “liberation” process. The simple listing currently used really isn’t enough. Knowing stuff like the progess of the current track being copied and which song is being converted would help a lot!

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