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Heading to Asia

I will be in Asia from early to mid August. I am heading to Tokyo first and then Beijing for the Olympics. If anyone wants to meet up, send me an email.

WWDC 2008

I will be attending WWDC next week. If anyone wants to meet up, send me an email. We are still looking for a full-time Cocoa developer to work out of our San Francisco office.

doubleTwist is a one year old start-up in San Francisco backed by the same people who were behind Skype and Last.FM. Our mission is to simplify the flow of media to a wide range of CE devices and between family and friends. We are looking for a Cocoa developer to join our Mac team and work on the MacOS X version of doubleTwist. The Mac team currently consists of three people.

3+ years of Objective-C and Cocoa experience
A passion for improving the user experience around digital media

Experience with one or more of these APIs: IOKit, QTKit, CoreAudio
Involvement in/contributions to open source projects
Experience with the iPhone SDK

To apply, send your resume to jon at If possible, include code samples and/or links to open source projects you’ve contributed to.

Norwegians at the duty free

Letting Norwegians loose in the duty free store is like letting kids loose in Disneyland…

Tax free

A 1l bottle of Martini Bianco is 150 NOK (25 USD) at the monopoly store in Norway. At the airport it’s 50 NOK (8.5 USD).

More gadgets for sale

I am moving to a new apartment so I’m cleaning out old stuff. The following is for sale to anyone in San Francisco:

I am also selling a 7 day old 1.83GHz MacBook. Used for testing. Original box. $1120.

Update: The MacBook and the webcam have been sold.

Hacker Bar

Black Cherry Almond Clif BarMy new favourite snack: the Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar. Great for all-night reverse engineering sessions.

(I did not get paid for this blog post, but I’m hoping someone from Clif Bar & Co. will see this and send me a few boxes!)

Update: Thanks Amy!