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Hacker Bar

Black Cherry Almond Clif BarMy new favourite snack: the Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar. Great for all-night reverse engineering sessions.

(I did not get paid for this blog post, but I’m hoping someone from Clif Bar & Co. will see this and send me a few boxes!)

Update: Thanks Amy!

Gadgets for sale

Nokia 770I am selling the following items. If you live in downtown San Francisco I will personally deliver the item(s) to you.

  • Nokia 770: Used for 6 weeks. This unit is very special as it has been touched by the iCEO! (oh, and me, but I’m not quite at his level of fame). Runs Linux and is very hackable. $300.
  • 3G iPod 40GB: Used for 2.5 years. Own a piece of DRM history! This is the iPod I used when I reverse engineered FairPlay in winter 2003/2004. Battery needs replacing as it doesn’t last very long anymore. $150.
  • Firewire PCMCIA card: Nothing exotic here. Used only for a few days. $10 with purchase of any item above $50.
  • AUDIOTRAK OPTOPlay: Used for a few months. $30 with purchase of any item above $50.

Update: The Nokia 770 and the iPod have been sold.

Reverse Engineering

Do you want to learn reverse engineering? Here’s how I got started out in the 90s:

Essential reversing tools:

You can get by with only free tools, but for serious reversing you will need to spend around 4000 USD on commercial tools.

Godspeed aspiring reverser!