iPhone battery

Apple issued a press release today about the iPhone’s battery life. Included was this comparison of smartphones:

iPhone battery

According to the above table the Nokia N95 does not have WiFi, which is incorrect. I’m sure Apple will quickly fix this, but it is not acceptable for a S&P 100 company to have made such a basic mistake in a product comparison for such a hot and closely watched product as the iPhone.

C# developer needed at DoubleTwist

We have an opening for an experienced C# developer at DoubleTwist:

  • Should have 5+ years experience in software development
  • Should have 3+ years of experience with .NET, C# and web services
  • Should have a degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Experience developing digital media applications is a plus
  • Experience with .NET under Linux (Mono) is a plus
  • You will be tasked with working on both our client software as well as server backend code. Besides coding, you will be responsible for assisting with documentation, building test plans, debugging software, providing design input, and helping in every way to ensure the successful rollout of each phase of the project.

    Location: San Francisco

    If you are interested, send us your résumé. If you know of someone who might be interested, please forward this to them.

    Monkeys needed at DoubleTwist

    Photo by Tetsuro MatsuzawaIf breaking down proprietary barriers and empowering consumers sounds like your cup of tea, send us your résumé. If you know of someone who might be interested, please forward this to them.

    Opening: Reverse Engineering Monkey
    We’re looking for a code monkey to work on our DRM interoperability technology. Must possess strong skills in the areas of cryptography, reverse engineering, AJAX, code disassembly, code protection/obfuscation and software optimization. Experience domesticating penguins and eating apples is a plus.

    Required skills include C, C++, x86 ASM, DRM and Windows APIs. Strong mathematical knowledge of algorithm analysis and implementation is desired. Minimum of 3 years of directly related experience.

    Your favorite number is 0x90.

    Location: Antarctica or your home country.

    Opening: Senior Software Monkey
    We’re looking for a senior code monkey to work on our audio/video products. Must have strong experience designing, implementing, debugging and optimizing userland applications. Multi-platform experience is desired.

    Required skills include C, C++, C# and Windows APIs. Requirements include strong experience with current digital audio/video technology (MPEG4, H264 and AAC). Minimum of 5 years of directly related experience.

    Location: San Francisco or Norway.

    Apple TV hacks

    What else to do when jet lagged than to unpack my brand new Apple TV?

    Apple TV box

    I wonder if the Apple TV is powered by a nuclear reactor because it runs fracking hot!
    Has anyone determined which photo they’re referring to?

    My unmodified Apple TV running vanilla MacOS X off a USB harddrive:

    Apple TV running vanilla MacOS X

    I enabled SSH and then installed Perian + ATVFiles. Now my Apple TV is able to play video formats that don’t fit into Steve’s master plan 😉

    Check AwkwardTV for a list of hacks.

    Apple TV first impression

    I dropped by the Apple Store the other day to check out the Apple TV. I was disappointed with how the Apple TVs were demoed in the store. They were sharing the same Internet connection as all the Macs and due to the bandwidth being completely saturated by people browsing the web, it took several minutes before trailers would load on the Apple TVs. The Apple TVs should have been on a separate connection or the trailers should have been cached locally.

    Another issue was the disappointing video quality. While the menus and artwork were crisp and clear, the video quality of the movies and trailers was horrible. The Apple TVs should have been configured to stream the 720p trailers instead of the lower resolution ones.

    I felt that the remote for the Apple TV was too small and was not happy with the way video seeking was implemented. I think most people would prefer using a scroll wheel for video seeking.

    Out of the box the Apple TV is very limited, but there’s a lot of info over at AwkwardTV on how to make it useful.

    New notebook?

    I’m in the market for a new notebook. I’ve only ever owned ThinkPads (except for a brief fling with a PowerBook a couple of years ago).

    My current ThinkPad T42p has served proudly in the DRM wars and is entering retirement. It still does its job, but I want a notebook that’s not as heavy.

    I’ve been considering getting the ThinkPad X60t as it’s smaller and lighter than the T60. Unfortunately, it’s currently available from Lenovo with only a L2400 CPU and I haven’t been able to find much info on how well it runs Linux. Also, there are reports of screen ripple issues. I was worried that quality would go down when Lenovo bought IBM’s PC division… and on a related note, the new ThinkVantage and volume buttons are hideous!

    Should I switch to a MacBook Pro?

    Skype security FUD

    There’s an article in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet titled “Your boss can spy on your Skype session“.

    From the article:

    Andy Swärd discovered the security hole by accident. He was logged into the same Skype account on two computers and noticed that his chat messages showed up on both computers.

    – Today it’s usual for companies to assign their employees Skype accounts. This means that your boss and your colleagues can monitor what you’re doing at work, he says.

    IT and security “expert” Joakim von Braun is quoted in the article as saying: “Skype really should have better security for chats”.

    This is an amazing discovery! I’ve been using this Skype feature for quite some time and never realized it’s actually a security hole… but then again, I’m not a security “expert”.

    PS: Did you know that if someone has your email password, they can read your email?


    I’ve known that the iPhone was coming since my trip to Cupertino in January last year (didn’t know any details though) and now it’s finally announced.


    • Battery is not removable (AFAIK).
    • No 3G. It’s being released in June 2007 and no 3G… Web browsing over EDGE is not a pleasant experience.
    • Closed – no SDK for 3rd party development.
    • In the US, a 2 year Cingular contract will be required.
    • No access to the iTunes Store from the phone and no syncing over WiFi.
    • Camera is only 2 megapixels.

    Other than that, I can’t wait to try one. Hopefully the lack of tactile feedback is not going to be an issue.

    Microsoft-Universal deal

    Some people are upset about the Microsoft-Universal deal that gives Universal $1 for each Zune sold. Some are calling for a boycott. The controversy stems from the reasoning behind the deal. Doug Morris, the CEO of Universal Music Group, has been quoted saying:

    These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it. So it’s time to get paid for it.

    If you don’t like being accused of being a thief, you should obviously buy an iPod instead of a Zune.

    This sticker is present on every iPod sold:

    iPod - Don't steal music

    For comparison, the Zune sticker:

    Zune - Let's get started

    Hey, wait a minute… Let’s get started doing WHAT?