Stream audio to your AirPort Express

Copyright © 2005 Jon Lech Johansen


.NET runtime (Mono 1.1.8 or Microsoft .NET)

Latest Release:

Binary: JustePort.exe (MD5: 9e323d74801bd7b9a08667535948c5d4)

Source Code: JustePort-0.2.tar.gz (MD5: a2afb9543905d0bfc4f29b156201551b)


JustePort.exe input ipaddress [volume]
(volume range is -144 to 0, default: -30.00)

Example 1 – streaming a MPEG4 Apple Lossless file:
JustePort.exe ~/Music/song1.m4a

Example 2 – streaming a MPEG4 AAC file:
faad -q -w -f 2 ~/Music/song2.m4a | JustePort.exe –

Example 3 – streaming an Ogg Vorbis file:
oggdec -Q -R -o – ~/Music/song3.ogg | JustePort.exe –