14 thoughts on “HiDef Wallpapers

  1. imho

    Wow! First time I visit your site, and I strike gold at the first attempt! I’ve been looking for hi-def wallpapers larger than 1600×1200 for ages ^^ Kudos on that google player btw

  2. Tim

    Thanks for the link to those awesome wallpapers! By the way, you’re a genius! Just dont ever build a big computer named Skynet in the future.

  3. Konstantin

    Thanks! excellent link with a lot of awesome hight-res images. BWT, I took a look at some of your photos (posted somewhere above), it looks like you are no stranger to photography.

  4. Nelis

    haha this blog took down the site due to a large surge in bandwidth usage.. lol

  5. D

    Interesting how the site’s now down from the sudden influx of visitors.
    Were they expecting fewer than you offered?

    Just wondering,

  6. sacabonos

    damn it i wish i could see those but the site is closed coz of banwidth charges i’ll try to check it soon thx for the link anyway…

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