Lech beer

Lech beerI’m not too fond of beer, but I had to buy some when I came across this brand in a Polish store in Copenhagen.

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  1. JonLech


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    Note that this won’t work with all albums. I’m planning to release a new version at the end of next week with improved album support.

  2. Flubba

    thanks, i could only find coldplay’s X&Y which has a digital booklet and a video, and if you buy those u get the whole album. so far i cant find any albums that have the (album) song. thanks neway!

  3. MiKom

    Hey, I’m from Poland. This is one of the best beers in our country. It’s name is a traditional, and very popular slavic (especially polish) first name. It should be pronounced as ” l?x “.

    And here is the most popular Lech http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lech_Walesa (you have the right pronounciation)

  4. jarv

    Hello from Poland ;] Lech is good one, but if you like strong beer – and afair – polish beers are – I recommend ?ywiec Porter – it’s dark beer, and strong one too. It has a bitter mixed with carmel flavour.

  5. MiKom

    Near my city is small brewery which makes BOSS beer. Their BOSS Porter is probably the best dark in the world :)

  6. Adam

    My fiancee lives in todz, Poland. I have been to Poland and I really like Zywiec beer, and I try to buy it here in Victoria, Canada. But it is rare. I am looking for a English teaching job in Poland right now, so maybe if I am lucky I will be able to go to Poland again and drink some Lech beer!

  7. corteze

    Lech is really good beer. could you reverse engineer recipe for me?


  8. gshegosh

    Adam, we can put up a huge-income-giving business, that is I will be sending You the beer from Poland and You will sell it in Canada πŸ˜€

  9. Buda

    Yeah OK, LECH I will drink it. My favorite piwa from Polska is Zywiec. 2nd is Krolewskie from Warsaw. Tyskie is also good. A lot of Poles like Okocim over Zywiec, however I don’t choose Okocim over Zywiec, only when those good looking Polish girls think it’s better, then I drink the Okocim. One time I was made fun of from my attempts at Polish language from cute Polish waitress and she rip me with fast talking Polish. Later, Believe it or not I ended the night in Krakow drinking Corona and this cute girl even corrected me on the proper way to pronounce CO-ROON-NAA! I love Polska’s Kobietas as much as the piwa.

  10. Mio

    Where in Copenhagen did you find the Polish Store?
    IΒ΄m a living Pole in Denmark πŸ˜€

  11. sempaikari

    Lech beer is good, but is more expensive than “Zubr”(beer) zubr is good too πŸ˜‰ for me the best polish beer is “Zywiec” 2nd Lech
    Worst polish beer is “Dock”(but I’m not sure pochodzenias of that beer) πŸ˜†


  12. Krzysztof Sibinski

    Tyskie sucks, because its different on export, then in Poland….

  13. Jarek S

    There is all kinds of Polish Beer here in Chicago. My Favorites are Zywiec & Okocim.

  14. Jaakko

    Dzien dobry! πŸ˜€
    I visited Warsaw with my friend this summer and while being there I tasted 3 different Polish beers; Zywiec, Lech and Okocim. Since I come from Finland I’m quite used to drink beer and I have to admit that Lech is absolutely the best beer I’ve ever tasted! I could drink it all the time! :) Compared to Finnish beers Lech is much sweeter though the alcohol proof is higher. I highly recommend Lech to everyone who likes beer, you won’t be disappointed.

    Ps. Warsaw is like the best city ever!

  15. Zahariash

    In my opinion Zywiec is definetely the best beer in Poland!
    > I love Polska’s Kobietas as much as the piwa.
    true, true :)

  16. Nter

    Yeah! Lech [Mocny = Strong] is the best beer! Of course I don’t recommend mix polish beer with vodka … effects will terrifying. Pozdro from centeral Poland ;]

  17. El Clarko Diaboli

    Mhh, Zywiec is the best Polish beer, though I always have some problems pronouncing the name…
    In the end Polish girls will always be better than the beer, though not as easy to dispose of πŸ˜›

  18. Stephen

    Okocim and Zywiec are like the Budwisers of Poland. They are cheap and okay to drink if nothing else is available. Tyskie is absolutely horrible. Zubr, Warka, and Lech are a little better than Okocim and Zywiec (Porter is a bit better than the lager). My ABSOLUTE favorite though are FRATER and STRONG. Those are great polish beers, and I tried almost all that are widely sold. And the funny thing is, Europeans can drink their beers at room temperature because American beers sucks so bad it has to be cold because it lacks taste!

  19. sloshed

    “Europeans can drink their beers at room temperature because American beers sucks so bad it has to be cold because it lacks taste!”

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Room temperature is 70-72 degrees and no beer tastes good at that temperature. Americans who know anything about beer drink it at around 50-60 degrees which is the proper temperature for beer tasting. 2nd of all, Pale lagers generally should be drank very cold – they are completely different than ales. Try a European pale lager or pilsner at room temperature and see how good it tastes.. Finally, America has TONS and TONS of good beer, but you clearly haven’t had any…

  20. Daniel AndrΓ© Johansen

    Hehe – Very good, Jon.. You always come across great stuff.. And putting the great stuff on your blog for us to read? Totally awesome!
    I just want you to know, that you have my fully respect.. And we actually have the same family name – How cool is that, huh? :)

    Tata for now.

  21. Nancy

    I love beer and so does my favorite “Lech” – Lech PASB. He’s originally from Michalow Poland living with us in the U.S. You can see more of him here: http://www.ryanarabians.com. That’s him on the front page. He loves a taste of beer every once in a while, but unfortunately, we can’t get Lech beer in the U.S!

  22. "ELENA"

    Most polish beer taste good , but very hard to come by in Atlanta, Georgia , U.S.A.

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