I had a great time at Reboot7 in Copenhagen last weekend. One of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. I hope there will be better chairs for Reboot8 though. The Mother of All Demos was very impressive. Raymond M. Kristiansen on the demo: “Fantastic movie indeed. I kept asking myself what evil forces have been at play ever since, halting our development.“.

Audio from the second day. Reboot7 at Technorati and Flickr.

Speaking at Reboot7 reminded me that I’m not very good at quickly articulating my thoughts in English. Something tells me that speaking English more often than twice a month would do wonders. To that end, I’ve installed Skype. If you’d like to talk about copyright law, software patents, DRM, life, the universe and everything – Skype Me: jonlech

10 thoughts on “Reboot7”

  1. GnomeMeeting does not work out of the box for me and I don’t have access to reconfigure the network gateway/firewall.

  2. oh I think I might just skype you one of these days once I find some time away from the lab…would love to talk to you abt copyrights, software, life, universe and all the fish!

    am also in the process of starting a tech/politics/green blog…lets see how it goes…

  3. So it won’t be you I’ll be calling if I wish to brush up on my Norwegian…? 🙂

  4. Speaking of Reboot 7 …. The best thing about Reboot 7 was Ben Hammersley in his skirt. It wouldn’t matter what the guy said because we could all only be envious of his style and his cool and unconfined family jewels.

  5. I’d skype you, if they would make skype work with EsounD out of the box, right now, I have to ‘killall esound; skype’, and ‘esddsp skype’ gives me sound but no mic support.

  6. Anil,
    Its crazy trying to get a blog popular, i wanted my blog to be real geeky but i could not afford to do that. The people who browse blogs ( there are a lot of them) run away when they see the t,e and c. However, I got invited to write for a magazine after the editor stumbled across my blog. Let me know when you get yours up. Maybe we can share notes. I am planning on starting one more which would be super geeky, even if its only me who is reading.
    I will definately skype you sometime. Would love to learn more into the google video player.

  7. I’ve added you to Skype, Jon.. I figured we could have an interesting talk once, since I really like how both master computing, photographing etc. etc. ^^

    /best regards

  8. Given your expert reverse-engineering skills, would you perhaps consider creating a Free Software Skype-compatible communication program and/or library?

  9. I am really not interested on speaking about copyright law, software patents, DRM, life, the universe and everything but at least I share your interest for Lech beer…and Zubr, Tatra, Zywiec, Tyskie, Okocim, etc. hahahahaha just joking.

    Greatings from a Spanish – German Erasmus student in Bialystok, Poland.

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