10 thoughts on “Madagascar”

  1. I saw the movie and loved it. The penguins totally cracked me up. I didn’t know about the all-Linux production, though. That’s fantastic!

    BTW, the new look for your blog is great. 🙂

  2. Thanks Fantastic, was not aware that it was created under linux os. Have yet to see it.
    (Read a post about your stuff with google. keep up the good work!;)

  3. Saw the movie yesterday with my 11 year-old daughter. The Penguins stole the show. They never dropped character once. What great actors they are. They could do Shakespeare. The lion, though, was not as believable. I think he is bipolar. The zebra was a little too swift-footed for me Ok, so I’ve never seen a zebra inthe wild except on Animal Planet but I don’t think they move that quick. Could be wrong. His character had some depth. He had a dream, he yearned for something other than the status quo. The supporting cast did well. Where did they get all those lemurs? Wow, what a casting call!

    This will be one I am pressured into buying when it is released on DVD.

  4. Yes the penguins are hilarious in the movie….Devious little devils I wish they were some of the main characters

    They made the scenery in the movie look so much like the Central Park Zoo (which has lots of adorable Penguins), Grand Central Station and our subway

    I visited Antarctica back in 2002 it was one of my dreams, I hope I get a chance to re-visit it again


  5. good choice of french dvd movies.
    but you should see 36, quai des orfevres
    one of our best police movies

  6. Hey… not only you love pont du Gard area but also you dive into French movies. I won’t comment your choice as I would be worst even at choosing some norwegian hit 😉
    What I keep in mind after reading your blog is how when someone is open minded he/she demonstrates even in unexpected moments or attitudes.

    Thanks Jon ! … et vive le mouvement Open Source !!

  7. c’est drôme, vu les endroits où tu vas, et les films que tu regarde, je pense que tu sais parler français…non?en tout, pour l’enquète corse,enfrançais, il est très drôle, j’ai bien aimé!

  8. Nice one.

    Obviously you can understand French.
    But not many know that this US website license Asian/Euro films & subtitle them in English: https://www.redsundvd.com/
    Banlieue 13 for example. They also have Cutie Honey with English subs & at 1/3 of the price than the Japanese non-subtilted version.
    I saw ’36, Quai des Orfevres’ recently at Film Festival in Sydney. Excellent film. Tough as nails.

  9. On your advice, I saw Madagascar on Saturday. Kept raving to my friends that the guy who hacked the DVD code recommended it, and that it was all rendered on Linux etc. I was not to be disappointed. A really hilarious film, which is entertaining to both kids and adults alike. I loved Alex the Lion (always have a thing for lions), although his character is a bit weird at times. The laughs were non-stop. Great film. Thanks for the recommendation Jon.

  10. Do you watch these movies in French? I’m just being a bit curious, you seem to spent quite a lot of your time in France and all that so I was wondering…

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