Pont du Gard

Pont du GardI bought myself a new bicycle yesterday and today I went for a ride to Pont du Gard. I’ve visited it many times before, but it never ceases to amaze me. I took some pictures along the way.

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  1. I went there last year, its an amazing structure – very busy in the summer though…

  2. I want to go to France someday, it looks so beautiful. My MBA class went to Dijon recently for a course. I couldnt go along as I could not afford it but I want to plan a trip next year. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  3. Nice pictures. So you live in France for the moment? well, i have moved to Paris to study a bit. I read you went to a French Lycee in norway, am I correct? Well i did, but cant remember you though (Lycee Rene Cassin d’Oslo).
    Anyway, if you step by Paris sometime give me a call, not so many norwegians here to speak with 😉

  4. Vive la France. I am jealous of the trip you must have had. It has been 10 years since my visit to the Pont du Gard and the surrounding areas.

  5. I will be in Uzes later this summer for a week to visit the region (Nimes, Avignon, Orange, Pont de Gard, and so on), and this gives me an excellent idea of what the Gard is like. What kind of camera are you using (SLR?). Thanks for posting the pictures.

  6. Yes it’s a nice place to ride early in the morning. When I’m in Uzes I go there every morning.

  7. Great photos, they really capture the essense of the region and the summer season. I am in Paris often and go cycling outside the city, to castles, along the Marne river, etc. If you get to Paris with your bike, hit me with an email and I’ll take you out of town for the great sights and views.

  8. Hi John,
    I am a French developper. I live in the Loire Valley. Here can be found good food, great wines and many very very old castles.
    I never went to the pont du gard but, through your shots, it seems to be great.
    Thank you for being there and explaining/sharing your work to us.

    Of course, tu es le bienvenue dans ma région et je serais prêt à te faire visiter et même d’héberger 1 ou 2 jours…No problem!

    Take care of you


  9. And I’m french 🙂
    Nice to see you enjoy the country.

    I like yours also. I really would like to go to Norway and Sweden… they seem so beautiful !

  10. Fine pictures, I put one on my desktop for a while if you don´t mind. Some years ago I swam under Pont du Gard it was nice.
    I hope to get back there one day in the near future. Enjoy the rest of your cycling journey.

  11. I must say that those pictures really made me feel like going there as soon as possible – looks divine. Leaving for York in England in a week though, so it won’t be in the nearest future..

  12. Beautiful place, I would love to go but I would never leave the U.S though 😛

  13. I will like to see step by step instructions of how to connect to other video streaming using GoogleViewer with the patch install.

  14. When you were there di you happen to notice if the hotel/restaurant “Le Vieux Moulin” was still open and in business. It has been several years since I have been there and may get back soon and wonder if the hotel is still there.

    Michael Bryant

  15. Yes please…….. Can someone tell me if the Vieux Moulin is open and trading. We stayed several years ago and then went back to try and get a Vue Pont du Gard room.

    The hotel was closed and they had built a HUGE and rather ugly World heitage Visitors Centre.

    If I had the money I would buy up the hotel, it is in my opinion the loveliest in France …….no in the world !!!!!

  16. i’m living blois , and you can view castles of loire.
    It’s in the center of france.
    Good holidays !

  17. The “pont du Gard” is the highest aqueduct of the Romans. Perhaps, it is too the highest aqueduct of the world since except the Romans, nobody created such a big thing just to bring water inside cities !

  18. Should be included as one of the wonders of the world, truly stunning!

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