13 thoughts on “Back Online”

  1. Nice, I just spent 10 days in Antibes, beautyful place!

    Cannes life really be this Nice, Azure think so 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, whole france is not as sunny and warm as Saint Tropez…
    I live in the north-east, a place called the french sibiria…

    You can see some pictures of my place here : http://photos.linternaute.com/asp/document/document_personne.asp?id_personne=51628

    And for our lovely weather forecast, here you’ve got it :

    See, it’s not that different from Norway… 🙁

    Besides this, I agree with Alexandre : If you liked “Le placard”, I’ld advise you to get “Le diner de cons” and “La chèvre”, 2 great comedies directed by the same director.

  3. Like Alexandre and TNK, try to see “Le dîner de cons” (“The dinner of idiots“), it’s amazingly laughing (sorry if it’s bad english, I’m french)

  4. You have to watch the original movie of “quai des orfevres” which is really better than this one….
    Samuel a parisian

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