fglrx redux

ATI has released a new version of the fglrx driver. What has changed since the previous one?

  • DVI output works
  • XVideo playback of 720p content works

Suspend doesn’t work at all (system locks up and screen is garbled).

6 thoughts on “fglrx redux”

  1. You should try to use vbetools, it makes hibernate works on my t42p thinkpad with ATI Drivers.

  2. ATI driver sucks! I can’t have dual screen on my laptop with it, whereas i can with the open source driver.

  3. I was having a hell of a time with fglrx on hoary. My laptop hated it, suspend was impossible. Does the open-source driver (above:Matt) do suspend at all?

  4. The newest drivers lack the ability to check modelines for laptop LCDs because of some internal reworking. BLEH! The long driver release schedule makes this a thorn that will hang around for much too long.

    Using radeon xorg drivers now and missing out on 3d. Such is life, ati sucks.

  5. I just dumped my old Laptop (NVidia) for a new one with “better” Graphics (ATI) and now my framerates are lower than before even with 3D-acceleration, suspend doesn’t work at all anymore and the X.org composite-extension screws up my display.
    Yay ATI! You just lost a customer.

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