Linus on /.

Linus Torvalds in a recent LKML posting:

Gaah. I don’t tend to bother about slashdot, because quite frankly, the whole _point_ of slashdot is to have this big public wanking session with people getting together and making their own “insightful” comment on any random topic, whether they know anything about it or not.

Quoted for truth.

11 thoughts on “Linus on /.”

  1. Haha, someone’s ganna make some Penguins unhappy. Note he did make the comments in relation to the bad press he got for the Linux Tradmarks plan.

  2. To be fair, there’s a bit more context – he followed that paragraph up with this sentence:

    [ And don’t get me wrong – I follow slashdot too, exactly because it’s fun
    to see people argue. I’m not complaining ;]

  3. Ha, well said. I think it is wise of Linus to distance himself from that site and the fanatical Linux followers there.

  4. Wow, never thought of Slashdot as a wankfest or circle jerk, but hey now that he mentions it the shoe fits. I’ll still read and post there though just for the differing view points.

  5. Kind of reminds me of an old skit featuring William Shatner talking at a Star Trek convention… 😉

  6. Slashdot is hysterical to read, though I would never setup an account since swimming in pirhana infested waters is dangerous and foolish, but I still enjoy watching the pirhanas swim.
    Linus: thank you.

  7. I like reading slashdot comments sometimes. Some people know quite a bit, some don’t. It’s interesting to get mixed dialog. One of the reasons this site probably puts a comment section. If a comment is unsupported by facts, it will soon be shot down by other comments. It gets us away from thinking that an expert or news giver is an unquestioned elite source of information.

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