12 thoughts on “Mt. Tamalpais”

  1. … As long as it has broadband and an outlet … the Cell Block D will work just fine.

  2. Hi Jon .. you did`t crack WMP DRM10 and got put in 😛 … hehe just kidding but have you read about WMP DRM10 been cracked over at doom9.org ?
    You can read about it here : http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=89243 … Just whanted to hear what a Reverse Engineering master says about someone others work of UnDRM !!!

  3. Well, SF will have free broadband, so as long as you can smuggle a laptop in to cellblock D, all is good.
    BTW, unlike San Diego, our chicks don’t have fake boobies. This could be a good omen for FairKeys and iTunes 6.

  4. Hi Jon,
    I just read about your code being used by Sony, on Slashdot. Good stuff; you must be very proud?

    Stay safe, and get rich,

  5. Hey jon, it’s nice to hear you’re having fun in california, isn’t mount tam a kick in the teeth? My older half brother broke both of his legs riding down that thing on his mountain bike, and he’s a professional mountain bike mechanic. I’m about an hour north of San Francisco, maybe we can talk geek together some time. Hope to see you in the headlines again soon 🙂

  6. Jon….I HEART You…wow ..u’re brilliant and i wish you ALL THE BEST…
    i mean…de-css…PROPS!

  7. My cousin works at Hotmail in Cali and I’ve recently moved to Oslo. We’re Jamaican. I wish you good luck – go get ’em.

  8. Hey jon,

    Nice picture 😉

    I do feel that Sony-BMG deserve a taste of their own medicine, these organistions keep sewing kids and Grannys for copyright, and now they’ve done the same (copyright infringement), they cant be allowed to get away with it!

    Do we think they knew what was going on and used a small indpendant expensible company as rope that can be sethered, or is the third party campnay guilty of selling illegal code? I can’t believe Sony is stupid enough to not know what was going on….

    Only time will tell, i just hope that as time passes, this doesn’t all just get forgoten and buried.


  9. I was going to suggest ..go climb Mt. Tam!
    Next trip Sonoma to the coast is nice. Try driving the coast down thru L.A.
    I do it on a BMW motorcycle, lots of fun.
    Please stay off cycles tho until you have written lots more code and have pleasured us with your future projects!
    Much success to you. Hope you like Linspire.

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