15 thoughts on “Squirrel”

  1. ahh the great out doors…
    I have to get out of here,
    too much time on Linux!….
    theres a reason linux sounds
    like a name for a drug… heh

  2. Language lesson for the day. In Arabic, squirrel is “sinjab”. Seeing as I hate english characters for Arabic, in script it is: ?????

    I hope that turned out ok, as it’s my handle in Arabic, and I happen to be a die-hard squirrel fan!

  3. Ok, I’m sorry, that’s my desktop image now. That’s hilarious. Here in NC we have more squirrels than you can count. To quote my history teacher (not exactly), “We have the only squirrels that have to store up for the summer, no more lunches!”


  4. I see it! That squirrel is reverse engineering AACS! It’s helping Jon with a new squirrel method(c) 😉

  5. Sqirrels in Denmark are red but just as cute. Oh, and a sqirrel is “et egern” in danish. I sometimes have them visiting my yard. The sqirrels on the pictures are quite fat.

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