Hacker Bar

Black Cherry Almond Clif BarMy new favourite snack: the Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar. Great for all-night reverse engineering sessions.

(I did not get paid for this blog post, but I’m hoping someone from Clif Bar & Co. will see this and send me a few boxes!)

Update: Thanks Amy!

11 thoughts on “Hacker Bar”

  1. Hey there!

    So your semi wish did indeed come true. My name’s Amy and I work on the web here at CLIF BAR & CO. I’m super happy to hear that you’ve made the Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar your new favorite snack. If you drop me your address, I can send you a box to fuel your new-found love. Good luck with your engineering endeavors!

    Have an awesome day,

  2. I always liked PowerBars better. Just something I grew up with, I guess.

    PS: Is that a hint that we should keep an eye out?

  3. I’ve never tried the those, but I love the packaging design (witht that typography, how can you hate it). I’ll give them a go next time I’m out and about:)

  4. Heyaaaaaaa Jon. First i got to say to u that’s a honour to me to surf on your blogsite ;D I’m a brazilian guy that always is searching for news about technology and stuff like that. I’d like to thank u to be such a nice person that is always looking for new discoveries in all technology areas and u’re always disposed to show your inteligence and power to the world. Keep the good work and greets from Brazil. If u want, plz, take a look on my blog, sometimes i write when i got time, u know, we have to work right?! Anyway, thanks again!! ;D

  5. I use Clif Bars all the time when on long bike rides and backpacking. Great source of energy, and tasty. My favorite is the peanut butter flavor.

  6. This entry made me giggle. I like Clif bars too, and I have used them during late night programming and coding sessions. I’ve never tried the Black Cherry Almond flavor, but I know that so far, my favorite is the Crunchy Peanut Butter.

    Congratulations on getting your box of Clif bars from Amy. Enjoy your day.

    P.S.: It was a pleasure to see and speak with you at the Desktop Linux Summit! (I was a student from High Tech High) I didn’t realize you were so amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Clif Bars are awesome. I’ve been using them on long endurance rides for years. All organic and tasty!

    Hey Amy … send me a box! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Might I add that I love the Chocolate Brownie ClifBar !

    I also love gold bars, and the 2006 Volkswagen Golf is the best car ever because of it’s great fuel economy.

    /wants free stuff too

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