Sago pudding

I love sago pudding. This is the recipe that I use:

1l milk (proper, not the fat-free crap)
4 tbsp butter
80g sago
50g sugar
2 eggs
10 drops of almond extract

1. Bring milk and butter to the boil in a microwave oven.
2. Add sago and cook for about 20 minutes, stirring every few minutes.
3. Add whisked egg and sugar. Mix carefully.
4. Add drops of almond extract. Mix.

Serve cold with cherry sauce.

14 thoughts on “Sago pudding”

  1. I don`t like the almond extract so I skip that part … but the sago puding is a very good tasting pudding.
    I added some vanilla one time and that was quite good … but there are many other good tasty flavors that you can add.
    I once added so confectionercolor ( the stuff that makes the color in marzipan ) … Once I added Green and it look just like the stuff
    that in “Bad taste” the movie when the alies eat your brain :p …

  2. Where did you get the sago from? I’m in San Diego as well, I’m guessing you found it at a Henry’s or Trader Joe’s? Never heard of it before. I’m gonna try it. Pudding is good.

  3. Jesse:

    My parents brought me sago bought in Norway when they visited for Xmas. I haven’t really looked around for sago here, but Trader Joe’s sounds like a good bet.

  4. Congratulations with your new desserts category. Whatever happened to the programming and IT kinda stuff you used to have here?

    God sommer!

  5. You should really include a picture of your homemade pudding, so I can see what “sago pudding” really is. 😉
    I guess I could look it up in the dictionary, but… well… a picture tells more than a thousand words! … I tried googling for it, by the way… Your site was number one…….

  6. Hmm…
    Mixing litres, grams and tablespoons in a recipe works fine. As a matter of fact, I’ve never in 19 years seen a recipe not do that…

  7. Sago pudding taste great!
    I’m used to have it as dessert a few days a year, since I was born. It taste great with some kind of red sause…. nice to find someone else not in my family who like it… friends are weird 🙂

  8. Wow, I cannot believe most the replies, no one in the USA seems to have heard of sago (I’m in Australia btw) basically what it is, is small balls of tapioca starch extracted from palms (Patrik Gafvert has a link on his post) and when you cook it, it make transparent glutinous balls. I think almost everyone would know what it is over here. I was always given sago pudding as a child and still like it. Sago doesn’t really have much taste in itself kinda like porridge or rice pudding. I obviously don’t know its availability over there but all supermarkets would carry it here-near flour and stuff

    One of the ways I like to make it is

    Soak sago in coconut milk (a little sago goes along way-3/4 cup is enough for about 4 people) for about 2 hours

    Simmer on stove till transparent (about 10-15 minutes) topping up with water or more coconut milk if you want

    When cooked throw in the zest of a lemon+its juice and some palm sugar to taste or brown sugar if you don’t have any

    Eat it hot or throw it in some lightly greased moulds and refrigerate (it goes like jelly)

  9. You should include pictures of these.

    I love the baking-engineering combination. It just makes sense to me…

  10. Hey Guys

    I am writing from Germany and couldn’t find tapioca, could only find sago… ….sago and tapioca can be used the same way for the same sort of pudding…so if you can’find sago, you will find tapioca in any super market inthe states…
    good luck

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