9 thoughts on “Moved to San Francisco”

  1. Welcome:) If you ever have any questions about the city, feel free to keep my email handy. I moved here from Chicago 5 years ago, and explored just about every inch of this place, and am happy to help!

  2. What are you crazy? Maybe u just never had the chance to go to the PB Block Party considering it wasn’t put on this year. Thats when u get a true feel for how hot the SD chicks are. Have fun in the Castro District… :+)

  3. Woah, great to have you! I hope the crazy local laws around her won’t slow you down with what you do best! I can’t wait for you to lock into a mortal battle vs the BluRay. 😉

  4. I prefer Hawaii Girls myself… unfortuantely, we have no such tech industry .p

  5. Right on! Welcome to our great little city. Told you San Francisco girls are cuter (again, just sayin’!).

  6. Welcome to the Bay Area, and make sure you get out of the city from time to time (Point Reyes is a great place to start.)

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