White Burgundies

I was thinking of buying a bottle of 1996 Chassagne-Montrachet Colin-Deleger En Remilly, but then I read this article.

Something is killing the 1996 White Burgundies. When the class of ’96 first hit the market, it was hailed as a sublime vintage, the best since 1990. Collectors snapped up case after case. But now, just as the wines should be reaching their prime, they are turning up dead on dining-room tables—the victims of premature oxidation.

See this forum for discussion on the issue. I bought a bottle of 2002 Meursault Francois Jobard En la Barre instead.

4 thoughts on “White Burgundies”

  1. Hurray. Now that there’s finally something I can comment on, late-welcome to San Francisco. Forget the sites. Visit K&L on 4th st. Pick me up a 2001 Chateau d’Yquem while you’re down there.

  2. If you’re in San Francisco I would recommend you to try the white wine by Grgich (http://www.grgich.com/index.html). Thye’re in Napa, and have excellent wine 🙂

    Also, just found out that there is a wine called LAN Reserva! Good name for a wine I’d say. It’s a Spanish Rioja, but I have not clue if it tastes good…

    Good luck finding a wine you like!

    Norwegian student

  3. Wine, wow were do I begin??? Ok depending on what you want and the mood and of course the food or not. One of my favorite wines is from Argentina, the grape Malbec, beautiful smooth and rich. The other belive it or not is from transylvania,a pinot noir the winery is vampire. Awsome name! these are all well priced wines that will not affect your pocket book not that you need to worry about that. But since many people may be reading I fell obligated to give a reasonable priced and attainable wine.

    Now, West Cape Howe Wines an Austrailian winery is excellent!!! Any wine any color, you pick! And i can go on and on but it is a bit late and would like to get some rest. So check with you later.

  4. You should try the real good wine. This is the Argentinian wine, like the malbec, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, etc.
    Once you try them, you will realice that you have been drinking red water for years. Regards, Christian

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