Tumi Sucks

On a recent trip to San Francisco I bought a Tumi Vista Super Light 20″ Wheeled Carry-On. On the way back to Oslo, having completed the SF-London leg, this happened:

Tumi Sucks Exhibit A Picture 1 Tumi Sucks Exhibit A Picture 2

It weighed 10 kgs (they weigh all carry-ons at Stansted) and I mostly used the wheels.

I had heard good things about Tumi and their reputation for quality. I was hoping that this carry-on would be robust enough to last me a while, but I guess I have to start looking again. What would you recommend?

Anyway, I should have known better than to buy a product called Vista 🙂

Update: A Tumi representative got in touch and will be sending me a new carry-on. It’s a different model, so I’ll be posting a review soon 🙂 Thanks Tumi!

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  1. I’m using a Samsonite case: the 325 Series / Cruisair II Luggage Magion II, quiet nice and not that expensive.

  2. Being a flight attendant, I need robust carry-on too.
    I’d suggest a Samsonite or a Roncato (which is an italian producer). I own two different size of a rigid trolley model by them, and they survived my last 10 months of flights without a flaw 😉

  3. I have a Tumi bag and it’s been pretty indestructible. I’ve had it for over ten years and there’s some wear on it but it’s been far more reliable than any other bag I’ve ever owned. I’m surprised yours broke so easily. Tumi backs their stuff pretty well so let them know and they’ll make it right. I’ve also got a Travelpro that has worked very well and appears to be very durable.

  4. Although I don’t know if it will do everything that you need, I have had great experience with Booq Bags ( http://booqbags.com/ ). Every element of the bag is constructed to perfection. Although they run on the pricey side, I still highly recommend them. I’ve dropped my laptop (in just the sleeve from Booq) from about 6 feet and it didn’t miss a beat.

  5. Go to Costco (you may need to go with a friend who has a membership, if you don’t have one yourself) and get their non-descript black Kirkland brand rolling luggage. It’s absolutely fantastic – my parents and I each have had a set since 2000 and they’ve been through Europe for two months, across the states and Canada numerous times, Australia, and Asia (including Indonesia) and we’re still using the entire set. Not a single thing has gone wrong with them. They also have them online.

  6. Briggs & Riley (http://briggs-riley.com/). They have an unbeatable warranty that they actually live up to. I’ve taken my B&R on many thousands of miles of trips without any trouble. That said, I know a lot of people who have been very happy with their Tumi luggage. I generally go with the B&R luggage because the warranty is better.

    And it did come with that warning label….. “Vista” 😉


  7. yeah .. go for a Samsonite … I have done som damage to my handel when useing the wheel , and the Airline have done som to , but Samsonite have spareparts for those kinda stuff … besides when the Airline does the damage .. they pay for it to 😀 .. hehe… I don`t know if you can get it over at US, but you can here in Norway …

  8. Samsonite – I’m still using hard-shell cases after 15 years and soft carry-ons after 10 years. They’re just about indestructible.

  9. I have always loved Case Logic stuff. Strong as can be and they usually have tones of pockets and compartments.

  10. Hey Jon, I myself am a flight attendant and have been through many roller bags and am currently been using a LW (http://www.luggageworksonline.com/) roller bag and tote. Most pilots and crew who commute to a base away from home use these almost exclusively as they are very indestructible and can take rigors of travelling for a living. They were designed by pilots with crew in mind, and would make a great addition to the seasoned travellers arsenal. LW bags tend to be alot heavier than your standard bag, but built to last. Tumi does stand behind their product and you shouldn’t have any problem replacing. Travelpro is also an excellent choice for durability and is a supplier to most crews in the airline industry.Hope this helps.

  11. Well, I had a Samsonite trolley (not the cheapest one either) that I used a couple of times a year. First one zipper broke off (the dangly bit you pull). Then the next one. I could still use it, although it was a pita to close. Now the metal hook that the zipper hangs off of has broken off, and it is time to look for a new trolley. Those hooks rarely appear to be closed, and the metal often seems flimsy. No more Samsonite for me.

  12. Sounds like you might have just gotten unlucky, based on what people are saying about Tumi’s replacement policy. But I think you missed an opportunity – you should have named your complaint site “TumiAche.com” 🙂

  13. I have a
    travel pro
    that has logged 500k plus miles over the last 5 years. I had to have the telescoping handle replaced after year 4.5, but that was the fault of my jackass friend, not the bag.

  14. I use Tumi products including a small computer type case I carry to my office everyday. It sees very rough service and holds up very well. I have had similar experience with other Tumi products. I suspect the failure on your case is an exception and Tumi will fix it without any issue.

  15. That’s too expensive brand ! too expensive than their quality.
    PS. I rather not buy the vista right now 😉

  16. I think the baggage handlers at every airport go out of their way to destroy peoples’ luggage. If you are looking for indestructible luggage at all cost, then I would agree with Richard…
    The old Zero Haliburton commercials showed a suitcase being dropped from a Boeing 707 without even opening on impact, and then there was the commercial with the same suitcase and a 180kg Gorilla tossing it around and jumping up and down on it. I inherited one, but I could not afford to buy one….700-1000 U.S dollars.
    My old “U.S Traveler” luggage is made of micro-ballistic nylon fabric, and it was inexpensive. I bought it in 1988, and it has made many trips to Germany, and it still looks pretty good, but you will probably not find that brand in Oslo.
    Good luck, Jon – love your site!

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