Apple TV hacks

What else to do when jet lagged than to unpack my brand new Apple TV?

Apple TV box

I wonder if the Apple TV is powered by a nuclear reactor because it runs fracking hot!
Has anyone determined which photo they’re referring to?

My unmodified Apple TV running vanilla MacOS X off a USB harddrive:

Apple TV running vanilla MacOS X

I enabled SSH and then installed Perian + ATVFiles. Now my Apple TV is able to play video formats that don’t fit into Steve’s master plan 😉

Check AwkwardTV for a list of hacks.

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  1. If they include a picture of the Jericho promo with a mushroom cloud, the mushroom cloud could originate from pictures provided by NNSA/NSO. The Nevada Test Site was home to above ground tests performed by the US and is currently run by the NNSA/NSO.

  2. Hi

    I have following problem with my Apple TV:

    In iTunes the Photos-Tab does not show any albums or photos when I
    choose to sync directly from “iPhoto”in the Drop-Down Menu. It seems
    to me, that the iTunes interface of Apple TV can not read my iPhoto
    Library and content. I have about 10’000 photos in my iPhoto.

    If I export the Photos to a separate folder from iPhoto everything
    works and I can sync my Photos to my Apple TV. But that is not what I
    wand to do. I want to be able to Sync directly to my Apple TV via
    iTunes and my iPhoto Library. Of course I also want to be able to sync
    my Photo collections I specially done in my iPhoto. This just does not
    work so far.

    I have iPhoto Bonjour Sync enabled in the Firewall settings. I also
    ran the Harddisk Utility Program to cross-check all the privileges. No
    success, privileges are set correctly.

    Your Feedback is very welcome.


    PS: I spoke to an Apple representative in Germany today and he said he
    is looking into it with Engineers from the US. My Ticket # is:77226539

  3. A fun piece of trivia is that the amazing 1980s anti-nuke film “The Day After” was unable to secure rights to similar footage for use in portraying the fictional bomb blasts which leveled Lawrence, Kansas in their film. Instead, they used video footage of dye release.

    From Wikipedia :

    The Day After became known for its realistic representation of nuclear war and groundbreaking special effects (for television). Unable to secure footage from the Department of Defense of mushroom clouds, ABC opted to recreate the iconic explosion using ink and paint injected into tanks of vegetable oil.

    They were nominated for a special effects Emmy for their work.

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