iPhone battery

Apple issued a press release today about the iPhone’s battery life. Included was this comparison of smartphones:

iPhone battery

According to the above table the Nokia N95 does not have WiFi, which is incorrect. I’m sure Apple will quickly fix this, but it is not acceptable for a S&P 100 company to have made such a basic mistake in a product comparison for such a hot and closely watched product as the iPhone.

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  1. The Samsung i600 (European version of Blackjack) also has Wi-Fi…

  2. Fixed as of now, without any word.

    I bet nobody can really make it last 8 hours.

  3. After seeing those comparisons, I’m impressed with battery life, but two of the “advantages” of the iPhone leave me doubting. If the surface is of glass and not of plastic, won’t it leave smear marks more easily? This smartphone will be, at one point, in a car accident; and isn’t it a more pronounced risk of injury? I’m not saying that I see it as a flaw, but I don’t see it as neither an advantage or a disadvantage…

    And when I compare the screens, I’m quite sceptical about the screen size. It’s easier to have a bigger diagonal when every other display on the market is a square and yours is a rectangle. I’d rather see a squared mesurement. All in all, I know marketing tends to hype, but yet, if that product is THE phone, why is it hyped? I buy on facts, but i don’t need to “get the facts” if you catch my drift…

  4. And of course Apple compares itself to the Nokia N96 rather than its Blackberry killer, the E-62, which actually has a very similar browser to the Safari browser in that it zooms, etc. Of course they don’t compare battery replacement costs either, as well as the fact you have to send the iPhone back to Apple which means, even if you opt for the additional $29 for the rental replacement, you will be without a phone for 2-3 days as opposed to just going to your local cell store for a replacement battery. I will be really impressed to find out how long that touch screen stays viable on the i-Phone before it gets glitchy, especially if you text or e-mail a lot.

  5. What about the HTC Touch phone? Why wasn’t it compared? It is almost exactly like the iPhone only it doesn’t require a 2 year contract.

  6. And where’s the Nokia E61/E62? It was one of the only 3-4 smartphones they compared the iPhone to in the introductory presentation, but still they leave it out of the battery life comparison? Why? Simple. Cause it would crush the iPhone. Marketing is an evil science.

  7. The battery replacement issue will turn off a lot of people. With an iPod its not bad, since one can live without their music for a couple of days. no cell phone for 2-3 days bec. your batteries went out — bad.

    Also, I’m skeptical about how the iPhone would integrate with Microsoft Outlook. For now I’m happier with my blackberry and iPod as separate awesome devices.

  8. All marketers are liars, apple choose what they want to be published, of course all the positives.

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