iPhone Independence Day

I’ve found a way to activate a brand new unactivated iPhone without giving any of your money or personal information to NSA AT&T. The iPhone does not have phone capability, but the iPod and WiFi work. Stay tuned!


Magic iTunes numbers:

Offset 2048912: 33C0C3

Offset 257074: 28

Offset 257013: 33C9B1

Add “ albert.apple.com” to c:windowssystem32driversetchosts

Download Phone Activation Server v1.0 to activate your iPhone for iPod+WiFi use. Note that this application will not do anything unless you understand the magic numbers as well as add the hosts entry. Phone Activation Server (PAS) requires that you have the MS .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

Download PAS v1.0 Source Code.

75 thoughts on “iPhone Independence Day”

  1. Hahaha, I should have known that DVD Jon would be the first to release a tool to activate this wonderful device. Good job.

  2. Note that this application will not do anything unless you understand the magic numbers /

    Sounds like something out of Star Wars. You will not be able to do this until you truly listen to the force, believe in the force. Use the force Luke.

  3. Can you tell me some detailed information about how to use this patch to activate my iPhone? And what these magic numbers do? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  4. You are the man. You have always been the man. You will continue to be the man. Keep up your fabulous work on all fronts. You are appreciated!

  5. WOW! This is SICK!

    Question though……Could I use this to activate an inactive iPhone, and then LEGITIMATELY activate it with service at a later date?

    Is that possible? That’s pretty much the only thing in my way of actually going and returning my already active iPhone and using the new one as an internet device until I can port from Verizon…..

    Great JOB THOUGH!

  6. …i salute all the people trying their best to “free” the iphone from its shell…i am not a techie person(in the medical field) and will not understand what’s written above….all i want is an iphone on t-mobile network with ipod and wifi functionality and i’ll be a happy person….anyone who wish to help me is appreciated….

  7. There is another way to activate the iPhone.

    If you know someone who has already activated their iPhone, borrow their SIM. Insert the SIM in the non-activated iPhone. Then cradle the new iPhone in the dock with iTunes. iTunes then quickly activates the new phone with ATT. This only took about 2-3 min. Now.. the only possible issue is that it might disable the original phone? But I have nothing to base this on, this is more or less a warning. I did not have access to the original phone after the process was done.

    I can confirm that this does indeed work. I just witnessed this as a friend of mine had to swap out his iPhone. The Apple store gave him a brand new iPhone out of a retail box (iPhone still requesting to be actiavted, even with an already active iPhone SIM installed). And we ended up activating the new phone. It did not require him to re-enter all of his personal account info.

  8. If I were to guess, I’d say those “magic numbers” are the locations and values in the iTunes 7.3 binary that you must edit using a hex editor… but I could be wrong…

  9. You are a Legend… more instuctions please. I am sitting here with my non activated Iphone and I want to try your software so I can have a super cool Ipod. Help please 🙂

  10. Great! Thanks for bringing the iPhone to Germany – it works!
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  11. Bra jobba, følte at jeg måtte svare på norsk her så du føler vår støtte også 😛

    Får iphonen min fra statene i dag, så dette passa jo utrolig bra da. Har du planer om å prøve å få til unlock delen også eller?

    Har sitti å fulgt med på http://iphone.fiveforty.net/wiki/index.php folka, de ligger vist litt etter deg ser det ut som 🙂

    Uansett: lykke til med fremtidige prosjekter 😀


  12. Or … you could just cancel the service once you sign up. I believe you have 30 days to do so without paying the termination fee.

  13. Well done – is a MAC version on its way? Will it be self -explanatory for mere non-tech-guru mortals?

    Thanks heaps and well done!

  14. BTW: You must stop any process using the port 80 (any web server like Apache or IIS) also. Look at the source code is so clean and simple that it explains all.

  15. Well, as much fun as this is, frankly I can wait until October — when the OpenMoko folks will (hopefully) start selling their Wifi-enabled hardware…

  16. Find a trick to use a web-based VoIP service with the AT&T-free iPhone and I may actually get one!

  17. Congratulations!!! Were are using an iPhone unlocked via PAS v1.0 on Brasil!!! Thanks all!!! Waiting for SIM unlock now…

  18. I already activated my iPhone with an Prepaid account that I want to cancel, should I need to activate again? I was curious to test the tool, but my goal is unlock the carrier so that I will be able to use here in Brazil, what do you recommend?

  19. Thanks Jon. It worked!!!
    The only problem I have is, the YouTube function is not working. It always say “Cannot connect to YouTube” on my WiFi, although the Safari works fine. Maybe it has nothing to do with your activiaton???

  20. Can you do this and then put in a previously activated ATT sim card and the phone work too?

  21. Does anyone know if a phone activated without a contract in this way, ONLY for video ipod use, will still be updateable, in terms of the iPhone software, when an update is available?

  22. I worry that a phone set up in this way won’t perform a software update when version 1.1 of the iPhone software is available.
    Any thoughts?

  23. Hi, I tried like 10 times the process, I checked and re-checked everything. No success. When I launch PhoneActSr.exe, following error message appears every time: “Phone Activation Server Error. Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted”.

    Can someone help how to solve the problem?

  24. I open the iphone using itunes 7.3 and a friend sim card from an activated iphone, simply take out the sim card, insert your friends Sim card reactivate, take out the sim card inserting the sim card that came with the phone, everything works except making phone calls

  25. Genius work again Jon. Thanks
    Would be cool if a OS X version was made!

  26. Brasil send regards…I have made the first one over here…(SIM card next, as is the iesusphone, probably you will get your ticket to heaven..)

  27. Jon where were you last Friday night when AT&T couldn’t get this done??? Excellent work! Keep it up!

  28. Confirmed the above method works. Still needs an “approved” sim though in order to make the mobile network stuff (phone calls, voice mail, web) to work. Next step is to do the traditional phone unlock

  29. “steve”…

    When you say “approved” do you mean a legit linked AT&T SIM or do you mean a “working” AT&T SIM that will work with any other AT&T locked phone (or unlocked of course)?

    Trying to figure out if I can do this and use my normally working Cingular/AT&T SIM using this method without special Apple/iTumes SIM activation.


  30. You can also use the iPhone on a pay-as-you-go plan! It’s not well publicized, but try entering 999-99-9999 as your social security number…. If the credit check fails (which it will), you’ll be offered a pay-as-you-go.

  31. Expecting the next step: crack the SIM restriction and totally free iPhone in the world!!

    Bookmarked this page and will check often later.

  32. Why waste your money on this crap. I wouldn’t give a cent to someone so hell bent on denying me choice.

  33. Amazing!! Thanks man, this turned my iBrick in a (well, errrr, ridiculously expensive) iPod+. Keep up the good work!

  34. Awesome work, and thanks for posting this – people shouldn’t be slaves to AT&T’s two year contract & subjected to wire taps ; they had an NSA office here in SF that was uncovered as I am sure you all know > The EFF filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T, accusing them of violating the law and the privacy of its customers by collaborating with the National Security Agency (NSA) in its massive and illegal domestic spying program to wiretap and data-mine Americans’ communications.

    See this link: http://www.eff.org/legal/cases/att/faq.php

    Don’t just roll over, and tke the ‘pay-as-u-go’ plan. F*ck AT&T.

  35. Yeah, screw Apple for trying to play the linked sale business 😀

  36. “Apple”! Don’t be like Microsoft. Mr. Jobs you can make much more money with this product if you would only unlock it to the world. I can’t afford one right now but when I do get my hands on one I will surely use the help of great guys like Jon to free the iPhone. Mr. Jobs listen to the people who supports your product. You can’t make it for too long without us.

  37. This is great information! I like the swapping sim cards method better but anything that will activate it is great!!
    For everyone’s information this is detailed facts I have found out:
    1) Once the phone has been activated, if you use the RESTORE function from iTunes it will take you back to pre-activation stage…. so do not RESTORE unless you want to activate it or go through the process again.
    2) By the same process above, you’d be able to later on get service from AT&T if you wish to do so… on an already activated phone.
    3) AT&T allows 14 days to cancel service BUT if you decide to keep your iPhone they will charge $175 cancellation fee. The only way you get that fee waived is by returning the iPhone.

  38. Hey Jon, its me Zac from the Mono project. Any luck hex in the Mac client yet? The activation server runs on Linux and Mac by way of Mono. See http://zbowling.com/blog/2007/07/04/iphone-activation-server/

    What where you looking for in the Windows version to find what to hex? I’m wondering what the equivilant might be in the in Mac client. Being that its PIC on Mac and a mach-o binary on Mac, it might be in an entirely different location or be entirely different what they do there, and the PPC image packed in the binary might be totally different as well to get the PPC version working. I’m not aware but there may be a checksum system on the binaries that is stored in the header that might need updating. It would be great to get this working for us Mac users though 🙂 Email me if need any help hacking it.

  39. Does anyone know what url the YouTube player uses on the Iphone? We’re trying to get to the .3gp youtube files. anyone?

  40. Ok, so no access to the GSM voice network. Can you get an IP-based soft phone to work with the safari browser? When you’d have VoIP over Wi-Fi (free). 🙂

  41. Hi Jon!

    Great work!

    Do you think we could install Skype on the iPhone and connect it to any Wi-Fi network?

    This way… no more need to be locked to a phone company…

  42. Great work! I cannot stand it when companies are so hell bent on stopping from using what you bought they way you choose t use it.

    On a side note, I bought the Nokia N95 a few days before the IPhone came out from Dell Small Business.

    You would have to be a fool to get the IPhone over the Nokia N95.

    IPhone – May work, but very limited.
    Nokia N95 – Works so well you can use it in your car and control it with a good car stereo head unit like the Pioneer. We are not just talking cell calls here either. You can play AND control the playback of your music on the N95 from your stereo!


    Computer access:
    IPhone – Very limited
    Nokia N95 – Drag and drop, synchronize, PC Suite, share and steam files, (music, video and data) to or from any PC on your network.


    IPhone – Works!
    Nokia N95 – Works!


    Bar-code reader:
    IPhone – None
    Nokia N95 – Works awesome!


    Record sounds and voice:
    IPhone – None
    Nokia N95 – Excellent microphone, record anything you want, including calls. No limit in length.


    IPhone – Cell tower emulated triangulation. Voice instructions.
    Nokia N95 – Real GPS, Cell tower emulated triangulation, and external bluetooth hardware capable, or any combination of all three. You always have some kind of fix. Voice instructions with a fee. Free written instructions and great simulation of the calculated path!


    IPhone – 2 mega pixel
    Nokia N95 – 2 cameras. 5 mega pixel and VGA for video conferencing on EU networks. The 5 meg camera takes stunning pictures day and night. Carl Zeiss optics.


    Video capture:
    IPhone – None
    Nokia N95 – 640 x 480 @ 30 fps. Excellent quality, even at night.


    Wireless bluetooth stereo headphones:
    IPhone – None at this time.
    Nokia N95 – Use any brand that are decent or better. (Wired ear buds are so last year)


    IPhone – 2 year contract that adds up to quite a bit.
    Nokia N95 – Buy it unlocked from Nokia or Dell directly and have a warranty and no contract to take it where ever you want.


    IPhone – None
    Nokia N95 – Works fine.


    IPhone – Very nice large touch screen. (excellent if you like fingerprints on what you are reading)
    Nokia N95 – Excellent screen, but smaller than the IPhone. 64 million colors.


    Additional applications:
    IPhone – Limited
    Nokia N95 – Install any Symbian OS S60 game or app. 1000’s or quality apps. to choose from.


    TV Out:
    IPhone – None
    Nokia N95 – Works great with the supplied cable.


    IPhone – proprietary Ipod type connection.
    Nokia N95 – Mini USB and a standard mini plug that all ear buds use. (same plug for TV Out)


    IPhone – ?
    Nokia N95 – People do not even know I am on it.


    There sure has been quite a bit of hype on the IPhone. Do your research and get your moneys worth!
    Simple features should not be expensive.

  43. @ Dave W:

    Clearly you didn’t research your facts either, first of all the iPhone has the multi-touch user interface and runs OS X which blows away the lousy software installed on the Nokia N95. Also, if you would’ve watched any video with an iPhone you would have noticed very quickly that one of the 6 on screen buttons during a phone call is in fact a speakerphone button. Third, under interface you failed to mention that the iPhone includes a standard mini plug, but mentioned it under the N95. Also, you mentioned a bar-code reader, when is this going to be a useful, everyday, feature. Finally, you said that the iPhone had “very limited: computer access. I would not call the iTunes integration “very limited”. It provides you with an extremely simple and useful way of syncing music, videos, photos, podcasts, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, emails, and more.

    Maybe you should research your facts before making an incomplete argument and criticizing the decision of others…

  44. @ Dave W:

    And your last line, “Simple features should not be expensive.”

    First of all that doesn’t make any sense, I checked the pricing of the N95 which comes in at $749.00 US before contract/taxes. Last time I checked, this comes to $150 US more than the 8GB iPhone model before contract/taxes. Also, you failed to mention that the Nokia N95 has only 128 MB of pre-installed memory, that is feeble in comparison to either of the 4 or 8 GB offerings of the iPhone.

  45. Dave W. You would have to be a fool to buy the N95 too 😉

    Have access to just about every handset going (work in mobile phone development for a major mobile co).

    Have an iPhone and N95 and they are firmly relegated to the cupboard. Both are terrible handsets. Feature packed and totally overated.

    I am interested in seeing if the legend can hack the iPhone though.

  46. “Get a mac”… or how a company master the trendsetter / young urban / geek chic / screenagers marketing. So, if I want to have a numerical ego trip, I have to get an Apple branded product. Apple is cool. Apple is great. Apple stands for what you want to be, what you never be, what you dream to be. Please let us cut the crap with lifestyle product. Lifestyle is an ex nihilo concept aimed to create the illusion of status, identity and trendiness. As Barthes said, be a daily life dj, recycle consumption codes, use all the representations possible to blur others vision, to stay in the non formated underground. Get a Nokia 1610. (sic)

  47. But does the Nokia N95 have a full-featured web browser? In my opinion, that’s one of the biggest advantages of the iPhone.

  48. You forgot the N95 talktime ~2 hours…

    Welcome to the wacky world of 3G chipsets!

  49. Thank you Nokia fanboy. Do you spend your time searching for iphone threads to crap on? It isn’t the simple features that is expensive, it is the overall design. It isn’t about what it does but how it is done. Much of your comparison is flawed anyhow.

  50. I love my iPhone. Works great with EyeTV. Since EyeTV works with iTunes and so does the iPhone. It’s a great combination for getting HDTV OTA or Cable content downsized and onto the iPhone. The fingerprints is not a problem since its a glass screen it can be cleaned with Windex. It cleans up very nicely. If you owned a pair of spectacles before, cleaning the iPhone is not a problem.

    Wish list: Higher volume on the Handset. The earhole covers half of my ear, so it’s not very good in a noisy area. Flash player in Safari. Bluetooth Syncing to a Computer. Bluetooth Stereo headset. A mini 3G Adapter than would plug into the bottom of the iPhone to access the 3G network. Make this adapter for $49.99 USD and don’t charge extra for the access.

    Works great with the Black iTrip when used as an iPod in my car. I use it everyday in my car which I like to refer to as my iCar. I never had an iPod before, was holding out for a widescreen iPod and this finally was something I was interested in buying. As a sixth gen. iPod, the iPhone is awesome.

    I love it. Edge network has been getting better lately too, but 3G plus Edge would have been better. WiFi is great. Safari works good.


  51. Noting you write can ever be totally complete. I admit I have some typos and missed a few things.

    The IPhone interface is very nice. There is no doubt about that.

    @ /dev/null: Yes, it does. As a matter of fact I was in a Apple store today and that was the first thing they asked. When I showed them, they were very nice. Then when I showed then the res and quality of the video capture they were stunned. Then when they realized it also too 5 mega-pixel pictures the place got silent. lol

    @ Elliot: Yeah, I did do my research, but I did miss a few things. The main point on the jack was that it was ALSO TV OUT! Duh, does the IPhone do that? As for the OS, well, you may be use to using locked up and modified versions of certain OS’s in cell phones, but the unlocked version sold through Dell never even pauses. It has never crashed on me in any way, unlike the reports I have read of the IPhone crashing. The bar code reader is great for trade shows. Something that I did not buy the phone for, but will certainly come in handy because I do go to trade shows. I quick picture and you have all the contact information needed. For my every day life, this is useful. I personally consider iTunes integration the only thing wrong with an IPod. I hate it. Drag and drop! Why take that away unless you think your customer is a criminal? The Nokia N95 must be bought unlocked. Keep in mind I am in the USA, so some of you may have access to other phone that I have not seen and they could be even better. As a result, I can use a standard $20.00 a month, unlimited, data plan. After 2 years, the Nokia N95 is far cheaper than the Iphone. The IPhone is overpriced. The reports on them getting over 50% profit are enough to prove that. They could have added more, but didn’t. The phone I received came with all the accessories (ear buds with remote control, TV out cable, charger, and 1 GIG mini SD card). I happen to have quite a few 2 gig cards laying around. The cost $44.00 at Staples on sale. I can take them out and put them in my printer and print directly, etc. If one goes bad, I do not have to replace my phone! Now if that touch screen interface is worth the aprox. $2,000+ over 2 years, knock yourself out. It is your money.

    @ Rocky: I do not believe you. If you really had a working N95 you would have it on you for the video and camera alone, as the picture are pristine. Everyone that sees the quality is completely blown away. The IPhone does have some nice features, but packed? Not in my opinion. Crippled is the word I would use.

    @Calanish: I am in the USA. Neither phone has 3G, so the battery life here is not an issue, so long as you turn off needless WIFI scanning and know how to use the phone. It is a real OS and can easily run many applications at the same time. All of which can consume power. I can talk all day without issue and I am a heavy phone user with a 2550 per month minute plan.

    @chode: It is about what it does. The IPhone interface does quite a bit and is VERY nice. For me, what is the point of a really cool interface when the rest of the most basic features are not there to use? lol

    @ all of you,

    I can grab my BT wireless keyboard, connect to my phone and start surfing, opening docs, xls, and write email. I am not one of the texters. Will I use that feature? Rarely, but it is nice to know I do not need to lug around my 17″ laptop and I can still shoot out a few quality emails with proper context and plug the [hone intoa TV anywhere for a monitor. Straight up, I will rarely have the cable with me or my keyboard, but I can add it to my luggage if I am traveling and use the TV and WiFi in a hotel room.

    The ONLY reason I bought this phone was for the 5megapixel camera. Period. I go to concerts and want nice pictures. I am too old to deal with getting kicked out for sneaking in a camera. Camera phones are allowed at most RnR concerts.

    I have worked on many projects that Jon started. I completely understand why this device was cracked and fully support his efforts. All DRM and devices that support them have to go. Mankind should not be forced into honesty. We should be able to make that choice on our own. Shame on any company that thainks making money is more important that.

  52. Thank you! AT&T and APPLE support after 4 hours support calls could not activate my new Iphon phone. You’re solution worked in 5 minutes

    Situation: I bought 2 phones @apple store. Activated Phone one. One week later it had to be repaired because of a Sim card holder error. Sended it to apple repair

    Wanted to use the second phone while the first one was being repaired. You are supposed to put the activated sim in the second phone and itunes activates it. Did not work as described by support.

    After spending 3 times 2 hours on the phone between Apple and AT&T i was so frustrated. I used http://iphone.fiveforty.net/wiki/index.php?title=Alternate_Activation_Methods you hack and in 5 minutes my problems were over.

    INCREDIBLE if even normal people cannot activated there phone.
    What a waste.

    Vincent Everts

  53. back @ ya Dave W

    I think you need to go camping…you know….head out of the “coverage area.” Maybe we all do. This is like arguing the benefits of BMW versus Lexus versus Jaguar versus….

    IMO the “consumer” who buys an iPhone doesn’t buy it for business. In fact, you can’t put the iPhone on an ATT business plan. The person who buys an iPhone buys it because they think it’s cool and they have an extra $600 bucks lying around.

    Barcode readers are not cool. I know you may think they are. But they’re not.

  54. Dear Brian:

    I live in China, and bought a new iPhone two days ago. Having been traveling the last weeks and being rushed as I was leaving Hong Kong I purchased a new iPhone that has been modified to allow it to use other SIM cards.

    It was good for the first day, until I tried to synch it with iTunes and made the error of updating the software.

    I can confirm it “Bricks.” The phone is now locked, possibly as if it were a new phone waiting for AT&T’s help to activate it.

    This is an age where companies are getting larger and larger, and MS was just punished in Europe for anti-trust, and Apple may not be far behind.

    My question is, “What does Apple and Steve Jobs have to gain?” I have been using Apple computers for about 7 years, and am currently switching my whole office to Mac.

    I was going to buy a Nokia N (whatever) because I need something that can synch with my office. What could the possible advantage be for Apple to lock people to one Network?

    A friend of mine is an engineer and Mac Guru. He lives in Switzerland. He will not by an iPhone unless it happens to be on his service provider. If Apple picks a different provider, aren’t they just freezing themselves out?

    I am sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, during a marketing strategy brainstorming session when Apple thought “Our clients are so loyal, they will switch providers just to get our products.”

    They could have sold millions more than they have if thye had just released the dammed phone and let people put their SIM cards from where they wished.

    Leave it to the market forces, consumers are fickle and times are a changing. I hope iPhones do not become a symbol of ignorance, an Orwellian example of following the masses, giving into the system and being controlled.

    Wasn’t 1984 not supposed to be like “1984?”

    I am sure many readers and AT&T clients will jeer at my situation, which is fine. Personally the money i snot the issue. The fact that by the time Apple picks “partners around the world to run their iPhones they will have lost millions of sales, and more phone specific dedicated companies like Nokia et al. will see the differences, see what works or does not, and improve on it.

    I am sure people will rehack the iPhone soon. I met a guy 7 weeks ago that had bought one of the first hacked ones in HK. It had super slim SIM that sat on his regular SIM that allowed it to work. He had paid 1400 Euros for the honor of having the first iPhone in HK.

    Again with a question, If so many people are dedicated to trying to get these phones to work with other service providers, why is Apple dead set against it?

    As somebody that has used Apple’s products for years and championed them to some extent extolling the virtues and superiority, I have also seen that Apple has trouble admitting they were wrong. Take the one button mouse for example. Cute, but, time to move on.

    We’ll see how this goes, but for now I guess I will buy a Nokia. After all they synch works pretty well, right?

  55. Hey alltogether…..

    Well….all i did to unlock my iPhone was run a software called…ziPhone 2.4…
    and it works with all functions….soooo….I tried everything before….and didn’t make….
    ran the software one and after about 4 minutes….it was fully unlocked….

    there’s two .exe files in that .zip name FULL AUTOMATIC…..one says NO UNLOCK
    and the other just FULL AUTOMATIC….so it’s pretty obvious wich to use….

    Have fun with ur unlocked iPhone….

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