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A friend sent me this quote:

No way that “the market” forced Apple to do anything. Steve Jobs is the undisputed master of all reality. Surely Mac loyalists will find some way to spin this… I know! Steve didn’t want all that money anyway, so he decided to lower prices of his own volition. Surely he will soon lower prices on the iPhone and the iPod, right?

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  1. I would love to be a fly on the wall at one of those Apple PR strategy meetings:

    PR chick 1: But EDGE is an obsolete technology, how are we going to release it in Europe where 3G is the norm?
    Steve: Easy, we’ll instruct our carrier partners to announce that they have the “largest nationwide EDGE network”. Nobody there really remembers what EDGE is anyway.

    PR chick 2: Is that enough?
    Steve: We’ll also throw in the battery life argument. 3G sucks battery life like a Thai hooker. No journalist will be smart enough to ask us to compare that to wifi energy consumption.

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