doubleTwist desktop has launched

After a lot of hard work, we’ve finally released doubleTwist desktop. The goal of doubleTwist is to simplify the flow of media across devices and social networks. To give an example: say you shot a video with your Nokia N95 cellphone. How do you send that video to your friend and make sure he’ll be able to play it on his iPod or Sony PSP? Yesterday, the easiest solution was to give up. As of today, the answer is doubleTwist. With doubleTwist, you’ll be able to share and sync digital media without worrying about codecs and bitrates.

Download doubleTwist and send us your feedback! If you are a developer and want to add support for a new device, check out our developers page.

9 thoughts on “doubleTwist desktop has launched”

  1. Looks great and seems to be getting a lot of attention around the web.
    Will there be an *NIX / OS X version coming up?

    BTW: The source code download link is malformed…


  2. So, not the frequent updater, are you? What’s the reason? Working hard? Lots of stuff to do? I enjoy reading your updates, so would love to see more of them. Furthermore, you’re somewhat of a role model for me. Where I want to end up, what I want to be able to do. Anywho, gonna give this a try. Keep ut the good work. 🙂

  3. Oh this looks like it will be very nice. The download link seems to be timing out currently – I’ll keep trying since this should be a great tool to share media without having to bother my non-technical friends with format/codec issues.

  4. Hah! It always works like this. As soon as I post a comment on any blog saying “xyz seems to be broken”, it works. Hmm… I should post on Microsoft blogs more often if this pattern holds true 😉

  5. Please make a version for Linux that can at least do some of the features doubleTwist can, even if iTunes is Windows-only.

  6. Hello. Perfect, I just got my N95 8gb a few days ago. Less hassle with sending snap-shots and videos to others.

  7. Hey! You’re using a picture of my girlfriend on the doubleTwist-site!

    You’ve edited the name, though… And the picture is small. But she’s there. 😉

    (Screenshot from Facebook at the Widgets-page)

  8. Thank you so much for having such an ‘hobby’! It’s people like you who make information more and more accessible and less subject to the will of governments and corporations. I’m writing this in fascist China, where Wikipedia and the BBC are blocked, so I particularly appreciate what you stand for.

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