Air in Barcelona

I bought a MacBook Air right after it became available in Apple Stores. It traveled with me to 3GSM (now renamed to Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona three weeks ago. It’s a great notebook and has become my main development machine. However, it’s not without flaws:

  • WiFi is inferior compared to my Thinkpads. This was not unexpected – my MacBook Pro also has shitty WiFi. Apple is apparently incapable of designing a notebook with great WiFi.
  • Keyboard and mouse is inferior compared to my Thinkpads (only an issue when traveling).
  • When connected to my external monitor, the fan runs non-stop (and it’s LOUD).
  • The mono speaker: imagine your grandfather’s AM radio packaged in a notebook.
  • Inferior screen tilt angle compared to my Thinkpads.
  • No BTO option for integrated 3G. Yes, I know, 3G sucks battery and requires a chip the size of Texas. Which is why my Sony Ericsson W880i doesn’t actually exist.


I went for the prayer room, but stayed for the adult content.

2 thoughts on “Air in Barcelona”

  1. It must be something with the aluminum bodied Macs, the wireless on my macbook is awesome.

  2. So what is/are your ThinkPad/s?

    Still T42p as in your About?

    BTW: The link there is broken 😉


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