Reversing AirTunes

I’ve released JustePort, a tool which lets you stream MPEG4 Apple Lossless files to your AirPort Express.

The stream is encrypted with AES and the AES key is encrypted with RSA.

AirPort Express RSA Public Key, Modulus:
Exponent: AQAB

MD5(JustePort-0.1.tar.gz) = fe13e96751958c6e9d57cce0caa7b17b

Update: JustePort is not Windows-only. Thanks to mono it runs under GNU/Linux, MacOS X and Windows.

Update: List of all iTunes RSA Public keys.

5 thoughts on “Reversing AirTunes”

  1. is there a driver to make the airtunes box available to coreaudio on the mac? I would live to send whatever I want to my airtunes…

  2. Hi,

    Maybe you can help me with a program I want to make. I’m looking for the opposite thing: to send music to a “fake” airport. I mean, I want to have a program in a remote computer that “emulates” the Airport, and receives music. I sould then stream music from iTunes to this program and, for example, play music in another computer. Do you know how an AirPort is discoverez? Is it with Bonjour?

  3. Hi,

    I want to ask how to use it to make WMP play music though the airport express on Windows XP sp2.

    Thanks a lot.


  4. This sounds great! Two quick things:

    1. In reply to Alvaro’s question — I think if you want to stream video/audio/whatever from one computer to another you should use VLC ( It’s free software, and it works.

    2. Here’s my question — When I watch a movie on my laptop can I get airTunes to play the audio on my powered speakers? At the moment I need to plug the powered speakers into my computer every time I want to have good sound for a movie.


  5. Hi,
    One possibly dumb question, how do I compile the source code ? (running ubuntu dapper flight)
    Thanks in advance

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